Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maybe: A Prologue

I'm going to commit to posting every day in May.

MAYBE I'm nuts.

MAYBE I've lost my mind.

MAYBE it will be really good for me.

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since January. That is certainly the longest I've ever neglected this sweet place that holds so many memories.

For a while, I thought MAYBE I was ready to let it go.

Then I realized, MAYBE I'm not.

The theme for May is MAYBE. I'm not sure where I'll go with that. I'm not sure if I'll be more word oriented or more picture oriented. I'm just ready to sit down and go along for the ride. It will be whatever it is.

Just a quick update:
Meryt is 5 1/2. She's completely ready for kindergarten, but loving these last few weeks of 4K. She's had the best year ever. She is also the best big sister in the world, without a doubt. She had a flair up with her kidney troubles a couple of weeks ago. We're scheduling her kidney surgery this summer. MAYBE I'll blog about that.

Luke is 5 months old. He's sleeping in his bed all night long (well, from 9-5:30, then back to sleep until about 7). He loves girls and he loves to eat. Suddenly, he's the happiest baby. I'm glad we survived the worst infant-hood ever. MAYBE I'll share some cuteness soon.

H has been super busy and we haven't seen him much lately. My admiration for single mothers has increased tremendously. MAYBE I'll show pictures of what he's been doing.

I'm looking forward to the end of school this year. I LOVE my class so much and will miss them tremendously, but I am ready to get our house clean and to get the kids on a good schedule. I feel like we've been floating along in the rapids since Luke's arrival. I'm ready for a little bit of stability and cleanliness around the house. MAYBE I'll lock us in for the first few days of summer and really work on family stuff.

Maybe I let my kids stay in their winter pjs (that don't match) all day...

and maybe I don't.