Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thoughts on Week 24

Dearest Precious Luke,

(How fun that we know you are a boy and can begin calling you Luke!)

Once again, I must remind us that you are truly a miracle from God. I've had many more moments of peace in the past few weeks as you love to move around. The Lord has been and continues to be so gracious to me as your mama.

Your big sister is so in love with you already...and we don't even know you yet! I can't wait to watch her with you and watch the sibling love develop between both of you. She wanted a brother so bad and has loved picking out special things for you when we're out. Your daddy and I take her to all of our doctor's appointments. M loves listening to your heartbeat. The doctor this week was great and let us listen for a long time. When M heard it, her eyes widened and she said, "Isn't that INCREDIBLE?" Such a sweet time for all of us as we prepare for your arrival.

Your sister was an easy baby. We easily adapted to being her parents. She loved to sleep and was always easy to have around. When she was in my tummy, she stretched a lot, but wasn't a big kicker. You, on the other hand, sweet boy, love to jump around in there. You move so much more than she did. I can't wait to meet you and see how your personalities are different. I wonder if you'll look like her or if you'll have your own sweet look about you.

There are only 16 weeks until your arrival. I can't believe we're on the downhill slide. In so many ways, 16 weeks feels like an eternity to wait. But I know that each day marches by entirely too quickly and you'll be here before we know it! Keep growing in there. Keep kicking.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


This little bloggy has been neglected.
This little bloggy feels sad.
This little bloggy needs some attention.
And it needs it real bad.

Whew! HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOO bloggy friends!

We're back, we're back, we're back. After a very, VERY (did I mention VERY!) busy week, M and I took to the road and spent a week with my parents. It was completely delicious and we had such a great time. I was a little teary when we left yesterday, as I realized how much we miss by living so far away. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know that 3 hours isn't SO FAR AWAY, but when you consider that we packed M's bike up in the van and drove to a park where she could safely ride her bike, play on a playground, eat lunch in an air conditioned cafe {that served Starbucks, no less}, AND play in a splash pad ALL AT THE SAME PLACE, you kinda realize that the city of my childhood has so much to offer that our current city just hasn't achieved yet.

There will be a heavy picture post as soon as I get the energy to download all the pictures from the camera to the computer and hope it doesn't crash. :)

Other than the park, our week was full of delicious fun:
--2 full days spent with cousins
--beach fun
--backyard pool time
--finding caterpillars in the garden
--indoor swimming
--park time
--puppet shows
--lots of love and snuggles with Nona, OB, uncles, an aunt and two precious cousins.

All in all, it was just the type of vacation M and I needed.

Oh, you're wondering about H? Poor, poor H. He was left at home with a honey-do list that included repainting the dining room (looks incredible) and M's room (looks even more incredible), plus some church work that needed to be taken care of.

I don't really know what to write about, but I'll work on sending you a few more messages this week and not ignoring this special place quite as much. This week promises to be busy as I've got a class all week. Sprinkle in bunko, doctor's appt, diaper demo, and pool life to the fullest before I go back to *gasp* school.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Adventure

Several weeks ago, M inherited a Backyard Jungle tadpole habitat. We don't live near a pond or water source, so I've asked around to a few folks to see if anyone could track down some tadpoles for us. Everyone is busy. No one ever caught any tadpoles for us.

Little did I know, we had a treasure trove of tadpoles right here, at our house!! :) Tonight, I was bathing M when H called upstairs, "I need you outside right now with a jar of water!"

Um...okay. I can honestly say in 10 years, I've NEVER heard that request before! I left M in the tub, filled up our tea pitcher with water and went to find H. H was digging around in the shed, mumbling under his breath. By this point, I was completely baffled!

"This is suddenly getting harder than I thought it would be," he said to me. I still have no idea what's going on. He rushes in the house and I hear banging around in one of the closets. Out he comes again.

"C'mon." That was it. Just a one word command.

Follow him I did. To M's play area where he plunks himself down by her sandbox. Or what used to be her sandbox. Last fall, I accidentally left the top off. So we just continued to leave the top off in case a cat used it as a litter box, always intending to clean it out and start over again. Then we had a very rainy winter and spring. Now the sandbox is filled with decaying leaves and tons of nasty water. (NASTY water) Since we're hosting a little party here Thursday evening, H was going to clean out the sandbox when he saw the little squiggly, wiggly bodies of the tadpoles.

There were HUNDREDS of them in there, in a variety of stages of tadpole-life. (Even more amazing than actually finding tadpoles at our house, H remembered that M and I wanted some! He got lots of daddy points for that one!)

I don't know why he thought it would be difficult to capture them. We dumped out our sink water and just filled up several containers with nasty sandbox water. Of course, there was mosquito larvae in the water, so I lovingly strained the water with a paper towel to get rid of the mosquito larvae.

I can't wait to share with you the pictures of our tadpoles growing and changing. We're only keeping 5 of them in our habitat. I'm offering the rest to any locals who might want to stop by and take a few home with them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Please help

I'm at the end of my rope.

Bedtime is ruining our days. M has never been a difficult sleeper. When she was an infant and young toddler, eating was our issue. She's never been into eating, so we had to fight to introduce new foods. Now she'll eat lots of {junk} food, but she's having the hardest time settling down at night.

Perhaps I should have expected it today. She had a rather boring day at home, watching the tube, playing with her toys, pajama day kind of day. She still should have been tired at bedtime. She was up until at least 11:00 last night after a pretty busy day. It doesn't seem to matter if we've spent hours at the pool or had a quiet day at home. She can not settle down at bedtime. I tucked her in at 8:45 (a little later than I intended, but we were enjoying a book together) was 10:00 before she was asleep and that was after she cried for a good while.

I know it's summer time and she's used to going to preschool to use up some of her energy. I'm trying to keep her bedtime routine the same (bath, story time, snuggles in bed, same music, etc.), but she's sneaking out of her room, playing in my bedroom. She'll turn my TV on and watch it while she's falling asleep.

Bedtime is the one time of day I REALLY prefer not to spank, but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone out there have any suggestions to help guide us back to a seamless bedtime? She NEEDS to be in her bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9:00. I didn't spank her tonight, but her feelings were hurt after I fussed at her for playing in her grandmother's jewelry in my room and leaving it all over the floor. The nerve of me for making her clean up her mess. Pardon me, BUT I'D ALREADY TUCKED HER IN. She should have been in her room, going to sleep, not playing with jewelry in my bedroom!

I'm really at a loss. Please give me some advice. I don't know what to do.