Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pity Party

I'm having a big, ole', huge pity party. Feel free to join, but you must bring your own violins.

Right now I'm sipping on a delicious caramel coffee milkshake from my favorite chicken nugget place. If you don't know which one I'm referring to, you are seriously missing out on some goodness.

The problem with this indulgence is that I lost 2 lbs this week. A breakthrough! I finally busted through that 20 lb road block. And I'm sure I'm gaining every single ounce back with each suck on the straw.

But, darn it. I need a little love party tonight. Why? Did I hear you ask why? Or was that you clicking away to a more upbeat blog?

Oh, well. I'm still going to tell my story.

By 8:45 this morning, I realized I probably should leave work and just go back to bed. As soon as I walked in the door, the sweetest employee at our school informed me that I'd royally set off (that's southern for PISSED OFF) one of my parents.


I just typed out in detail both instances, but there is no way I can publish them. They would give away too much detail. There was much backspace pushing.

Trust me when I say that I'm working myself to death for these students. Last year I was completely burned out. At the beginning of this year, I felt renewed and excited, like my old teacher self. I was ready and eager to get the year started on the right foot. If there is ONE thing I hate as a teacher, it is conflict with the parent. I truly, honestly, only want the best thing for the students. Sometimes that means being truthful about the day the child had. Sometimes that means correcting student behavior. But it's only because I want the children to be successful academically. If a child doesn't have self-control or accept responsibility for this actions, how can he do his personal best in the classroom? If she can't keep up with her materials, how can she be successful? I work so hard to develop relationships with the children and their parents. I want my students to love school, for pete's sake. They've only been in school a few years. The very last thing I want is for them to hate school for the next bazillion years because they had a rough year with me. On the other hand, I expect them to work HARD. To show what they know. To be obedient and diligent in their work. I don't go to bed thinking of ways to ruin their child's day or to make life difficult for the children. I'm too tired. by the end of the day, I need sleep to renew myself to give everything I can do the children the next day.


And to think that I'm going to gain those 2 lbs back over this. That makes it stink even more.

I hope you're day was much better than mine.


Andi said...

Well, sad to say, my day was quite similar...I am not the teacher who pissed a set of parents off, my co-worker is, but I DID set them straight in our conference this afternoon! I will NOT allow parents to talk any kind of way to a co-worker of mine. You just can not come in with guns blazing...we HAVE to act civilized and dignified, but I sure can do that with what a friend of mine calls "polite rudeness"- apparently this is a skill that I was unaware that I have - LOL!
I wish that I could have washed the day down with a wonderfully delicious milk shake from my favorite chicken place too, but alas, I did not. I certianly did not need it though, since I have found all of the weight you have lost and more!
Nat, just do not worry about today- it is are not going to please every parent no matter how hard you try! I know how sincere your heart is when it comes to your students, and that's really all that matters. How does this child feel?
I hope to hear the whole story on Saturday, but I do wish that you would not let it get you off track- at school and at home! I love you, friend. *Smile*

Colleen said...

Some days just really do suck.

But... yum... I'm still stuck on the caramel coffee milkshake. I think I need one of those.

If you have a moment... click over...
I love your blog!

Tami said...

That stinks! And yes, I had to have one of those the other day too. I probably gained 2 pounds just waiting for them to give it to me;o) But it was OH-SO yummy. And to think they are leaving us soon:( waaaaaaa

Maggie said...

That definitely stinks -- and it is totally unfair that your parents aren't all so grateful for all of the hard work you put into doing things for their children.

Hang in there...

MelanieB said...

It's tough to be the bad guy, but you do it for the benefit of the child. Most parents see that. Hang in there, and most of us appreciate what you do!!!