Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back on Schedule

Hello friends!!!

Hello, hello, hello.

It's amazing what 10 hours of HARD sleep will do for a disposition. I'm pretty sure I woke up in the exact same position in which I went to sleep. Wow!

This has been a super hard-working week and I definitely am NOT one of those people (God bless you!) who can work more than 50 hours in a week on a regular basis. I worked 12 hours more than once this week and almost 10 hours the other days. I started the week off getting my classroom ready for Open House, meeting 21 of the SWEETEST, CUTEST kindergarteners ever, in the history of all kindergarteners, planning, planning, and more planning. Thursday morning, in they marched and we started our year!

And now I'm exhausted! Second grade was hard work, but the beginning of the year in kindergarten is a very humbling experience! This is definitely going to be a year of learning and growing for me--and I hope for my little students, too! I didn't realize that their attention span would be about 2 minutes. Thursday was a tad rough--I lost control a few times because I thought they could sit longer or listen more. Friday was better. By 1:00 each day, several were asking if it was time to go home! The days definitely seem long for them. I almost wish the first few days were half days for them as they adjust to being at big school. During "nap" time, several (okay...almost half of them) fall asleep!

I could NEVER have made it through the week if my parents were here and there to help with M. She spent the beginning of the week with them in Savannah (or Havannah as she calls it!) and then they came here. They had some fun adventures--a day trip to Atlanta to visit my grandmother for her birthday and a trip to the pool another day. Nona and OB, THANK YOU! You were truly live savers this week. We were all sad when you left yesterday. I hope you get lots of rest this weekend and enjoy the rest of your summer.

I'll work on getting a more fun post up later today with pictures. I plan on taking some time today to plug around your blogs and leave you some love!


Kyla said...

Kindergarteners are a TRIP! Good luck! What they provide in challenges, they make up for in cuteness, though. It's a trade.

Arizaphale said...

Hahahahah. I'm sorry, I should not be laughing but I remember my first ever relief teaching day on Kindergarten..hahahahah I didn't know what had hit me :-D
I find stickers work best. "The first one sitting down here with a nice straight back will get a sticker"
Enough hysteria. It sounds like, despite the challenge, you are going to love it.

Allyson said...

So glad you are enjoying it...the first two months are the hardest. They gradually become better at sitting for longer periods of time and not falling asleep during carpet time! :) I don't start for another few weeks, but your post made me excited to meet my new classes (we are half-day, so I have AM and PM with no para-pro!). Enjoy and rest up!

Andi said...

Oh Nat. You are so funny. The very first job I ever had was as a long-term sub in Kindergarten...I came home every day and dropped my purse, keys, bags, etc. right on the floor and fell onto the couch for a much needed REST. I had never been so exhausted in my life! The husband would say, "They are JUST kindergarteners; what's wrong with you?" I SO completely sympathize. You were made for this though, and I know things will get better and better! Here's to a GREAT year. ;)