Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching up

I'm telling y'all that I have no idea where my time goes!

Well, I mean my time after school. I can tell you where my time goes between 8AM and 6PM. I worked the afterschool program every day this week so help get it started. From now on, I'll just work the 4-5 shift and let someone come in my room to finish the day off with those that are waiting on their parents who work to come get them. It's rewarding, developing sweet relationships with only 5 or 6 children.

As hard as it has been for me to adjust to Kindergarten, I'm already seeing the fruits of my labor. I'm amazed at how much the children have learned in just seven days. They are already doing better walking in the halls, eating lunch in the cafeteria, using the bathroom at assigned times. Soon I know the real teaching will begin, which is my passion, I've discovered.

I only brought home one small task to do to get ready for the week. Everything else has been done or can be done Monday morning. This weekend is about catching up.

I did a photo shoot right before school started and just finished editing the pictures today. There are several wonderful pictures. This is one of my favorites. Getting these pictures finished was a major item on my to do list. You make those, right? I'm not the only one who must make a list to remind herself of all that needs to be done....RIGHT?

Isn't he adorbale?

I'm taking another on-line photo editing class and loving it. Of course, everyone else is on day 13 and I'm plugging along on day 3. But I'll get there. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I'll have a few more lessons finished. Luckily, once you take a class at this website, you have access to it forever! Wonderful concept! LOVE this that I learned. How fun to use this technique to actually add some text to a picture. This was just my practice with one of my favorite verses.

M is needing some serious Mama time. We've been lucky this week that our friend, Aubs, was able to take care of her for us. They love each other. M tells me all about the fun things they did during the day. One more week of full time work for Aubs, then M will start preschool each morning.

We've got a few other fun things planned for the weekend. I'll get some pictures up soon. I hope you're doing great. My blog reading list is quite extensive. I'm adding that to my to do list now.


Andi said...

Love that you can already see improvements in your school babies...such instant reward! I wish I could take a day and come visit later in the year...I know you are THE perfect Kindergarten teacher. :)
Aubs has so loved spending time with M, and is looking forward to the upcoming week also. I have enjoyed the stories Aubs tell too. LOL. This is really good for her on so many levels. Thank you for allowing her to have this opportunity.
Hope your week is a great one. Take care, my friend.

Andi said...

P.S. I forogt to say that I LOVE that same Bible verse- I have a "secret" poster with that verse in my room on the INSIDE of my closet door, and when things get tough, I open the closet and read it again. What a wonderful thing- online editing classes! You always amaze me with your creativity. Can't wait to see more finished products.

Kyla said...

Mark all as read. Seriously!

I'm glad things are going well. Kindergarten is a trip!

Arizaphale said...

Hooray for the fast learning kindergarteners!!!!! And how lovely that Aubs and M can have this time together. So good for both of them I'd suggest ? :-)
I am so impressed at your photo editing prowess. That picture is such a cutie. But what are you doing doing after school care as well as teaching???? You are a better woman than me Gunga Din!!!!!!!