Friday, May 7, 2010

Naming a Child

Kelly (one of favorite bloggers) over at Kelly's Korner is hosting a weekly time to share called Show Us Your Life. She's done some really neat ideas and I've never played along before. I just can't seem to get anything ready in a timely manner. But today's topic is explaining how you named your child(ren). Since I'm home with my sick child, I have a little "extra" time to play along.

For any visitors, I have a four year old daughter. On the blog I normally just call her M, but I'll post her entire name today.

Meryt Sherrill Benson
Several years before we became pregnant, I read the book The Red Tent. My favorite character in the book was Meryt, a midwife who trained the main character and was a mentor to her. There was something so compelling about the character that I told H if we ever had a daughter, I wanted to name her Meryt. He agreed and we never really discussed a girl's name again. Fast forward a few years when we were expetcing our first child. We were both completely convinced we were having a boy, so we didn't even discuss our girl name. Thankfully at our 20 week ultrasound, we found out we were expecting a girl. She immediately became Meryt. After several weeks of discussion about her middle name, we settled on my mother's maiden name.
Naming a child is something we both took (and will take again soon!) very seriously. I want our children's names to be important to them and to know that we seriously considered the name we gave them. After struggling with infertility for over 2 years (we're almost 13 weeks pregnant now), I want our baby's name to honor the path the Lord has set before us. I really want his/her name to be meaningful, perhaps meaning, "Trust in the Lord."
I can't wait to read through the posts at Kelly's Korner! I love reading about baby names!


Kyla said...

KayTar has my middle name as her first name. It is also my mom's middle name. I hated my middle name growing up, but Josh really liked it and we liked the nickname for it And it was all we could agree on, so we used it. Of course, we use her full name allllll the time with all the doctors we see and forms we fill out. Then when my mom found out was nn we were going to use was the name of my dad's first wife...they didn't tell me about her until then!! LOL. It didn't dissuade us, though. Her middle name is my SIL/ best friend's middle name.

I just loved BubTar's name. No story there!

Arizaphale said...

Squeee. I love baby name stories. I've never heard of The Red Tent but I'll check it out now. I must admit I'd never heard the name Meryt before and I love it because it is unusual but classic....not like some of these silly made up names you hear as a teacher nowadays. I mean, I have met Aieshas, Keishas, Meishas and Elishas and last week I met a Kneisha!!!!!!!! With a non silent K! What ever happened to Jayne I ask you? the BA's name was an interesting story. Pity I didn't read this in time to join in the game!