Monday, May 31, 2010

Swimming Lessons: Day One

After a bit of trepediation, including many questions about what swimming lessons would be like, M took a major step to independence. She did every thing her swimming teacher asked her to do and waited patiently while he was working with one of the other students in her group. One of her best friends, GW, was in the group right beside her and a little boy she's known since she was a baby was in her group.

Practicing her kicks.

Attempting to float on her back.

Catching on...floating on her back and kicking.

After swimming lessons, we spent the rest of the day at our pool with a variety of friends. After waiting an hour for the thunder to pass, M's cousins came to the pool. We enjoyed another hour or so swimming and playing at the pool. It was a super fun way to spend Memorial Day--we certainly enjoyed the freedoms that we are afforded in this great land.


Kyla said...

Sounds like a good start! KayTar did a week of swim lessons at the Y last year, but the sun was SO bright, she just could barely participate. This year my dad is going to keep working with her at their she was swimming (with floaties) face down in the water, holding her breath, and making it half the length of the pool. I think maybe she'll be comfortable without floaties by the end of summer.

Arizaphale said...

Love watching them gain confidence in the water. the BA was always a water baby and swims in school comps now! I don't know whose she is. I can barely breaststroke on a good day :-D

Andi said...

Nat, have you seen Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland? I bought it for one of Aubrey's birthday presents...but I totally think the older Alice looks like M. Aubrey agreed with me, so I must not be totally crazy. She said it's how M will look when she's grown up.
I love these shots.