Monday, July 5, 2010

Please help

I'm at the end of my rope.

Bedtime is ruining our days. M has never been a difficult sleeper. When she was an infant and young toddler, eating was our issue. She's never been into eating, so we had to fight to introduce new foods. Now she'll eat lots of {junk} food, but she's having the hardest time settling down at night.

Perhaps I should have expected it today. She had a rather boring day at home, watching the tube, playing with her toys, pajama day kind of day. She still should have been tired at bedtime. She was up until at least 11:00 last night after a pretty busy day. It doesn't seem to matter if we've spent hours at the pool or had a quiet day at home. She can not settle down at bedtime. I tucked her in at 8:45 (a little later than I intended, but we were enjoying a book together) was 10:00 before she was asleep and that was after she cried for a good while.

I know it's summer time and she's used to going to preschool to use up some of her energy. I'm trying to keep her bedtime routine the same (bath, story time, snuggles in bed, same music, etc.), but she's sneaking out of her room, playing in my bedroom. She'll turn my TV on and watch it while she's falling asleep.

Bedtime is the one time of day I REALLY prefer not to spank, but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone out there have any suggestions to help guide us back to a seamless bedtime? She NEEDS to be in her bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9:00. I didn't spank her tonight, but her feelings were hurt after I fussed at her for playing in her grandmother's jewelry in my room and leaving it all over the floor. The nerve of me for making her clean up her mess. Pardon me, BUT I'D ALREADY TUCKED HER IN. She should have been in her room, going to sleep, not playing with jewelry in my bedroom!

I'm really at a loss. Please give me some advice. I don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

Will she listen to a book or Bible Story on CD? ~lre

Kyla said...

Is she sleeping in more in the mornings? Does she still nap? If KayTar naps (even accidentally) we pretty much know she'll be up until close to midnight unless she is sick. We'll just put on cartoons and turn out the lights and give her "quiet time" until she'll be ready for sleeping or else it is a losing battle.

Our kids go to bed at 7:30 during the school year and in the summer they are going to bed between 9 and 10 most nights.

Maybe give her an hour of TV time prior to tuck in, to mellow her out a bit?

Stacy said...

I agree on the books on CD. Kai listens to Christmas/Bible stories before bed and Anya will usually look at books (in her bed) or listen to stories/music (Veggie Tales has some good and fun Christian songs on CD). Kai is out in no time, but Anya has a hard time settling down, too. Our rule is no leaving their bedrooms to play or do other things. Eventually they settle down.

Katie said...

Maybe you can try some preschool age yoga before bedtime? I know it might interfere more with your evening routine of what all you need to get done, but maybe it will help M settle down and center herself a little bit before bed. I know there are several DVD of preschool age yoga routines, might be worth a try.

Maggie said...

I'm afraid I don't have any great suggestions, but I am thinking of you and crossing my fingers that your struggles with bedtime come to an end soon. Hang in there!