Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It is well...

I am so very thankful that when I can't go any more, when I'm at the end of myself, there is something bigger than me, something I can rely on to carry me, something called GOD.

We are in a good place.

Luke is doing better. He isn't screaming as much. He is sleeping a little more during the dark hours. He is nursing great and taking a bottle when needed. Every now and then he lets us peek at the cutest little smile ever. I know it's probably just gas, but I don't care--it's reward enough for now.

Meryt is such an incredible big sister. God is giving me the strength to parent her as needed right now. She's definitely acting out a little bit for attention. She's suddenly unable to find something when asked (like socks, shoes, bibs, etc.) or fully dress herself. As long as I realize she just needs a few extra snuggles or a little affirmation, she settles down again. She is so sweet to Luke and never, ever acts unkindly to him. I'm so thankful she loves him so much. If anything, I have to remind her to give him a little space.

God gives me all these little moments of encouragement so I can continue to get up in the middle of the night, when I just need a little more sleep. So I can be a little more patient when I want to snap. So I can love a little more and a little harder when I think about those whose arms are empty, when I remember how much this is exactly what I wanted.

Pictures soon. I've got a few sweet ones.


Andi said...

So glad to hear that, Nat. Aubs and I have been thinking about you guys so very often! We want to come visit sometime when we don't have to hurry off somewhere...I've left you a few messages here and there, and I am so glad to hear things are better. Just want you to know we LOVE you guys! Kisses and love. always.

Kyla said...

Glad things are improving! During one of our new baby exams on Friday, the pediatrician was telling the parents how infant digestive tracts are so new, initially their bodies just have to get used to working, so there are kinks in the process. Processing formula complicates it a bit because our systems aren't exactly meant for cow's milk (or soy), but once their body get used to processing breast milk and/or formula, things usually settle down.