Thursday, January 27, 2011

God is in the details

Before I even knew there would be a need, God was working out the details.

I was opening a week's worth of mail today when Dwayne said, "I think you have a check in there from your doctor's office."

"Nah," I thought. "I still owe them money," I said aloud.

The envelop was about halfway through the stack of junk mail, bills, and cataloges. It sure did look like a check, but that's so odd.

And then I opened it.

And it's an answer to prayers.

Before I even knew we would need some extra money in the upcoming months so we could visit my dad, God was working out every single detail.

The check from my doctor will cover two (T.W.O.!!!) visits to my dad. Almost to the dollar.

Dwayne and I talked on the way home Sunday afternoon about how much money we needed to budget for our next trip to visit my dad. And about how many times we thought we'd go down to see him in Jacksonville.

We decided on a certain amount of money. And that we'd try to budget for two trips.

That's EXACTLY what the check will cover.

I cried.

Do you understand the significance here?

I thought I still owed my doctor money. NOPE. God took care of that.

We needed X amount of money from our already strapped budget to cover two trips to see my dad (trips that we feel are not negotiable...that we need to take). No need to stress. God took care of that.

God worked out every single detail for us. We know God is in the miracles (Luke's conception, Luke's full term pregnancy and healthy delivery, my dad's new lungs...big stuff, people). But, He's also in the tiny, dirty, nitty-gritty details. He's THERE. He's working things out for us even before we know we need something worked out.

I am so very thankful. SO very thankful.


Christina said...

Oh wow, Natalie. That gave me the chills. God is SO GOOD! But I don't think that's a small thing...that is HUGE! I'm so glad your dad is doing well...and I'm so glad you get to be there with him.

Arizaphale said...

Insane! I love it when God works like this :-D

Kyla said...

That is awesome!