Monday, January 22, 2007

Favorite fotos, part II

Even though M is only 15 months old, she's having a MAJOR independence streak. She says "NO!" and shakes her head. She wants to feed herself. As you can see, she's very talented at getting the food everywhere except in her mouth! I love the photo of M with the jewel in her mouth. The older children at the birthday party were enjoying ring pops (suckers on a ring), but we wouldn't let M have one. She didn't realize they had something different from her--she just plucked the ring off the top of the cupcake and sucked on it!

Check out a great blog for photo tips and tricks:


tracey said...

They are lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them and for the link! You're off to a stellar start!

(Oh, this is Tracey from Picture This- in case you didn't know)

Joe and Susie said...

looking good nat! love the new blog!