Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Carnival

I'm reaching out for some ideas here.

M's birthday is October 12. I know, I's actually a little shocking that I'm thinking about it more than a week ahead of time. BUT. I want this birthday to be super special.

Her first birthday was just fun.
Last year was AWESOME. We did pumpkin decorating. I want to do something a little different. That was fun, but I want to change it up a bit.

I'm thinking about a fall carnival/festival type party, with different "stations" or games or activities for the kids to do. I think the kids should wear their halloween costumes. I know I don't need to plan TOO much because they are little and they will just want to play.

I want five or six organized types of activies. What do you think about this?
1. pumpkin decorating again (but if they are wearing their costumes, is this a good idea? We painted the pumpkins last year)
2. bean bag toss (earn a goody)
3. some type of craft. At school, I make the kiddos clean out their desks and throw their paper away in a brown paper bag. We close it with a rubber band, paint the stuffed part orange and the top green so it looks like a pumpkin. Again, there's the paint issue.
4. the funny donut game where powdered donuts are strung on a string and the kids eat them off the string without using their hands.
5. some type of fishing game where kids earn a goody by hooking a fish (how can I make that fall-ish?)
6. I have no idea.

I hate doing goody bags. I want the kids to make something (hence the pumpkin decorating was great!) or "earn" it by doing the games. I thought I'd make caramel apples as one of the goodies and maybe one little bag of candy.

Help me here...any good ideas?

I just found this link. Some of the games sound awesome!



Maggie said...

I think that the fall carnival sounds like fun, but how old are most of the kids going to be? M will be three, but if most of the kids are around that age, then it might me more trouble than it's worth to have more than one or two games, since waiting is not a toddler forte. But if you are going to have older kids, then it would probably work great!

Depending on how many kids you have (and how much you want to spend) I have seen lots of people rent those inflatable bounce houses or a clown or something for the day and that is always a major hit -- I think that the cost really depends on where you live for things like that.

And I think that wearing costumes is a great idea...but probably not if you are going to paint. Only because it will be a few weeks before Halloween, and the chance of a costume getting ruined seems pretty high.

Tami said...

Cute idea! I love it. A couple ideas instead of painting pumpkins:
*last year we used those foam stickers from Walmart to decorate our pumpkins
*glitter pumpkins...paint glue on and then sprinkle with glitter. I don't know...may be just as messy or messier than paint:O But they sure are pretty and sparkly!
*get potato head pieces from the dollar store and make funny faces on the pumpkin..this will work especially well if the pumpkins aren't too big:o)
I LOVE the funny donut game idea. I think that would be hilarious. I think Leah would probably just try and grab it and stuff it in her mouth as fast as she could! A station we did at school was the kids got to decorate a sugar cookie with frosting and fall colored sprinkles, candy corn, etc. Hmmm...let me think:o)

Christina said...

I love the fall fest idea! I'm trying to plan for N's birthday, too, in November. I tend to think 2 or 3 activities would be more successful...can you imagine overseeing 6 of them! Whew! For painting, maybe you could have paper bag smocks for them to wear. Can't wait to watch this take shape!

Megan said...

I like the idea of ringing the pumpkins using a hula hoop (sp?). Also, you could try a duck pond... a barrel of water with rubber ducks floating on top all with a number written on the bottom which correlates to a prize. Find the "special" duck for an even better prize!

Speaking of prizes... remember Gak? I'm going to try and make some this weekend. If I'm successful, I'll share the recipe... would make a fun and affordable give away. If the recipe doesn't work, it's getting chunked in the trash.

Oh, and the moon bounce is an excellent idea! I've seen it successfully entertain the kiddos AND the parents love it b/c their kids go home exhausted. That's so worth the money!

Golightly said...

Two words from me: