Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm an aunt!!!

Yeah!! My brother and sister-in-law had their first child this morning, a tiny baby daughter. I want to be there with them so much! However, they were up all night laboring and she's not yet 12 hours old, so I think I'll let them rest this weekend. The Bensons will be there next weekend. If you're on the interstate and you see a black van speeding past you, just know it's us trying to get to that baby girl!

Christina asked if this is the first niece/nephew--the answer is no. H has three nephews who are quickly becoming young men. The youngest was born just a few months after H and I began dating, so I really missed all of their baby-hoods. I adore, love, admire them very much. They are three of the sweetest, funniest, handsome-est, smartest boys I know and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

But I did have to brag on this sweet baby girl! I'm already picking out some gifts to take her next weekend. Don't you think she needs some pink, frilly dresses? How about some pink hairbows? She's got a head FULL of dark black hair. Or maybe a sweet little bracelet? And of course, something home-made, too.

Is that not the cutest little baby nose you've ever seen???


Christina said...

Congrats, Auntie! She is a doll. Is this the first niece/nephew?

Anonymous said...

One of the most special people in my life was my aunt! You are going to be a great one!
L. Turner

Colleen said...


She's adorable!

Andi said...

Auntie Nat,
I am SO happy for you all...the newest addition is such an angel. That IS the cutest baby nose I have seen in nineteen years. ;)
She is going to LOVE you.

Arizaphale said...

Becoming an aunt was the second most amazing thing that ever happened to me. I remember driving up to Leeds to see my niece and thinking how this little baby was related to ME...she was MY niece and I wondered what she would be like and stuff like that. Have a great visit and give that little nose a kiss from us. xxx