Thursday, August 7, 2008

Phrase Friday (early) and other stuff

This post is heavy on the "other stuff" side of life. If you're only here for phrase Friday, feel free to leave after giggling about M's antics.

M loves to read in the car. The pocket of the passenger seat is full of interesting material for M to peruse as we drive around town. Tonight she was REALLY into one of her books. When we arrived at the last intersection before we get to our neighborhood, she cried out, "Daddy, YOU LOST THE CHURCH!" H and I busted out laughing, realizing immediately what happened. Our church is on the previous corner--she was so involved in her book that she didn't notice we passed our church. We tried to explain to her that we'd already passed our church. No avail--she was sure we'd LOST our church.

On to the other stuff.

I'm exhausted. Today was the first day of school. I've never worked so hard to get ready for my students. We had five (yes, five) days of pre-planning, so I worked, cleaned, disposed, organized, created, disposed, disposed, disposed, and disposed some more. I'm so thrilled with my room this year. I KNOW this is going to be a great year.

My kids are full of personality this year. I'm sure I'll have stories to share. I've got a funny one today, but it would give away too much information, so I'll keep it to myself. Protection of privacy is important.

We're going to meet our new niece this weekend. I'm sure MBS will contain that sweet little baby girl. I just can't wait to hold her and kiss her--if I can get to her before M. M has already proclaimed, "That's MY baby Raegan!"


Maggie said...

Have a great time this weekend -- you had better have lots of pictures to share on Monday! Although I am pretty sure that won't be too much of a problem...

Kyla said...

Hahaha! That's cute!

I can't believe your back in the school already, summer has just gone too fast this year!

Christina said...

You "lost" the church - ha, that is hilarious!

I'm glad you are excited about this school year! And can't wait for pictures of the new little Benson!

Arizaphale said...

Isn't she observant though? The BA used to surprise us all by saying things like "This is the way to so and so's place" when she was quite young. This would happen even if we were on our way somewhere else. Glad you're feeling positive about the school year. It does wear you out though doesn't it? Sending strengthening and refreshing thoughts your way.