Thursday, December 18, 2008


For those that know me, it's okay to stop laughing now. Yes, I actually cooked tonight. Not dinner, but other things.

Let me list them for you:
1. Homemade hot chocolate (Spiced Orange Hot Cocoa, to be exact--and something's not right. H is on the way to the store to buy something to fix it)
2. Tiger Bark
3. Bourbon Brown Sugar Mustard (from scratch--GO ME!!!!)
4. Breakfast Casserole for my teaching team
5. Cheese Spread
6. Cheese biscuits (My grandmother's recipe. It just doesn't feel right to make something that my grandmother is famous for!)

It only took me a record 4 hours to do all of that.

Tomorrow is our last day of school before the holidays. I always take goodies to the teachers on my floor. They are getting some Tiger Bark and Hot Chocolate. We're all bringing something yummy to eat so I made the breakfast casserole for us. Tomorrow is also Family Tradition day. That's why I made the cheese biscuits.

The mustard is for our family meal Saturday. The cheese spread is for H's Christmas party tomorrow night.

I'm going to bed now.


Kyla said...

Good for you! I'm impressed!

Christina said...

good gosh, woman! Are you officially banned from every again saying you're not domestic. Oh, and can I come over to share in all that yummines?

Allyson said...

wow! i am so impressed and i'm not surprised at are always so crafty! :)

Arizaphale said...

Good for you. Never mind that you make me feel about this big :-D
Christmas baking undertaken here so far? Zero.
Food taken to school for Christmas feast? Packet of biscuits from the supermarket. You are my hero.