Monday, December 29, 2008

I am the Hero

Of Guitar Hero, that is.

Who knew that a woman who knows nothing about rock-n-roll music would LOVE Guitar Hero? Dream of those little buttons and the strummer?

Y'all, I ROCK at Guitar Hero. I think it might be my favorite Christmas present.

We all love it. I went out to dinner with some friends tonight. When I got home, I could see H playing through the window and my heart was warmed.

So, I've asked myself. What is H's favorite Christmas present? Probably not the socks I got him. Most definitely not the bag of coal that was the gag gift for the year. Maybe his remote control helicopter. Then I realized. His favorite gift is the same as mine--and he gave it to me! He loves Guitar Hero as much as I do!!

M couldn't care less about Guitar Hero. Her favorite gift depends on the moment. She loves her playdough and will play with it for almost an hour. We're mean parents and only let her play with one color at a time. She loves her new books and has read each one several times. She loves her new kitchen and has cooked many a meal, prepared many a drink, many a snack in it. Then again, she's so proud of her new little dresses, particularly the one that matches her little cousin's. Or maybe her favorite gift is her UGA crocs from her uncle. She wore them today and was so proud.

So, it's hard to say around here. We're a pretty satisfied little family.

Any one want to challenge the Hero?


Kyla said...

We love Guitar Hero, too! Super fun!

KayTar is in princess heaven and BubTar is happy with his gadgets and Star Wars paraphernalia.

Andi said...

Ok, why are you so good at this too??? Is there nothing that you suck at??? When Aubs sits for M next time, you will have to challenge her! It is beyond my comprehension why she is so good. This year she got a Nintendo DS and she went out and bought the Guitar Hero for that with her Christmas money.
Just so you know, I suck at this game. I could not even make it through the tutorial. LOL. No, I am serious. I refuse to try again. I love the idea of it, but my fingers and brain can not get it together.
I am so happy that you guys had a lovely Christmas...I have wanted to call you, but did not want to disturb the rest and family time. Hope to talk to you sometime soon. Kisses to M! Happy New Year, my friend!

Christina said...

I dunno Nat - my hubby might he the hero of guitar hero! he got it from his folks, and he's GOOD! As for me, I hve a blast with it but I'm not going to win any contests!

Arizaphale said...

I think I'll leave Guitar Hero to you!! The BA hinted at it but it wasn't in our price range this year. Instead, with the release of the PS3, all the PS2 things were discounted so I got the kids Singstar!! We haven't tried it as yet because we're waiting for the Small Boy and the BA to be here at the same time (Sunday I think)....meanwhile, play a bit of Joe Walsh (Rocky Mountain Way) for me!!!!

Golightly said...

If we got Guitar Hero, Harrison would become a video game junkie in a flash, like his big brother and dad before him. Nope not gonna do it!

I think we'll wait longer. Anyway, Harrison got a real guitar for Christmas and had been playing & singing songs on it for us.

As for play dough, you crack me up. I used to give him one color at a time, then I decided, "why? I make it." It's all good.