Monday, March 30, 2009

A quick peek

into my home.

Right now:
the dishwasher is swooshing away.
the washing machine is churning a load of clothes.
the dryer is is rumbling.
M's lullaby CD is playing for the second time.
all seems to be quiet in M's bedroom.
H is at the grocery store.

This is my favorite time of day.

I'm not a morning person, so I DRAG myself out of bed at the last possible second. On work mornings, just in enough time to grab a shower before M and H get up. On not-work mornings, when M screeches my name from her bed.

Speaking of M's bed--it is the entire reason I started this post.

She's not in her normal bed.

Oh, no, she's not. She's in her BIG GIRL BED.

About two weeks ago, M decided her favorite color is blue. When we were shopping yesterday (a whole post unto itself), she ask H to paint her bedroom blue, "because it's my fravorite color." H told her no way. He said if we have a baby boy one day, he MIGHT paint it blue then. She proceeded to tell him that she didn't want a baby brother, she wanted a baby sister--who is blue. "Because that's my fravorite color." (just an aside: whenever the word blue is uttered, it's followed by, "Because that's my fravorite color.") Did you get the part that she wants her baby sister TO BE BLUE???

Oh...we are NOT pregnant yet...this is all a theoretical conversation.

Back to blue.

While we were shopping, I spied the CUTEST butterfly sheets ever! They have blue butterflies to satisfy M, green butterflies to match her comforter, and pink butterflies so it's super girly! M is in a phase that is completely contrary to Mommy. I knew better than to tell her I liked them, so I said, "M...why don't we ask Daddy to buy you these sheets?" WORKED LIKE A CHARM! She was so excited about them...she talked about them on the way home, she helped wash them this morning before preschool. After preschool, she helped put them on her big girl bed.

Then proclaimd that her big girl bed was too big. "I'm still a small girl, so I need to sleep in my small girl bed. This big girl bed is TOO big for me."

H and I encouraged her to just sit on the bed and see how she liked it. Then we told her NOT to get off the bed until I got her up from her nap. So she stayed there for two nap.

I was a little anxious about tonight. She tried to talk me into letting her back in the crib. I stood firm and put her in the big girl bed. She didn't exactly fuss, but it has taken her a while to settle down. I think she's alseep now.

Well, not quite a quick peek. I'll post my P365 pictures sometime tomorrow. I'll also tell the exciting news about her shopping trip yesterday!!!

Let me know if you post a quick peek--whether you keep it quick or not.


Kyla said...

We were so worried about K's switch to the big girl bed, but it actually went really well. I hope M's does, too!

Colleen said...

Zoe's room is blue. It was blue when she moved into it. I did decorate with butterfly bedding that has blue for the walls and then pink, yellow and green. I also got an area rug that is mostly cream, pink and yellow.. with touches of blue and green. The walls are blue... but the room is totally girly.

Christina said...

Big girl bed as in a fullsize regular bed, no more toddler bed?! Wow, way to go, M! I hope the transition is a piece of cake.