Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Job, Mr. President

I'm not going to make a comment on my support or lack thereof of policy. What I am going to say is: Good job, Mr. President.

Dear Mr. President,

Today, you were able to capture the attention of 22 kindergartners in the middle of the great state of Georgia. They loved seeing you on TV and felt that you were speaking directly to them when you said "students from kindergarten to twelfth grade are listening." They literally almost fell out of their seats when they heard kindergarten. They were a little confused when you said today is the first day of school for many students, but I'll give you a little leeway for that comment.

Now, on to my commentary, which I'm sure you were waiting on.

--Good job staying away from politics when you spoke to the youth of the country. Honestly, I didn't feel you would cross that line, but one can never be too sure.
--Good job encouraging the young people to not allow their circumstances to define them or to hold them back. Thank you for encouraging them to reach around obstacles in their lives and grab their dreams.
--Good job handing responsibility BACK to the student. As educators, we so often hear "teacher accountability." Thank you, from every educator in this country, for tossing some responsibility back to the learner.
--Good job reminding young people that this life is bigger than they are. By reminding them that they have something to offer this world, a responsibility (there is that word again) to their communities, to our country, you are reminding them that they are not the center of this universe. We NEED the contribution of every member of this society. Good job bringing that to the attention of future generations.

Mr. President, I don't always agree with your policies. I don't always want to support the decisions you make for this country. But I do and I will because you were elected by the people of this country to be our leader. Today, Mr. President, you made me proud. Proud to be a teacher. Proud to have a tiny role in changing the future of this country. Good job, Mr. President. Thank you for taking the time (and the heat) to speak to the students in our country. I hope every president that follows you will make the same decision to take time to speak directly to our future.

Good job, Mr. President.


Anonymous said...


from Nona/Mom/5th grade teacher

Kyla said...

It was a GREAT speech. I'm sad they didn't show it at my kids' school.

Arizaphale said...

I have missed so much stuff lately. This was a great post. I am glad the push for children to believe in themselves and take responsibility for themselves is coming from the very TOP!!!