Monday, September 21, 2009

Wearing the Cloak of Exhaustion

There are a few hats (sometimes cloaks) that I wear well.

One of them happens to be exhaustion. I tend to run and run from my problems until they catch on to my hem and drag me down to deal with them.

So, here is my airing of my problems:
1.) I think I hurried back into life after the surgery a little too quickly. Despite being three weeks out (almost), I'm so exhausted that I can't think straight. M and I took three hour naps together Saturday and I was still exhausted Sunday. Last night, I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 6:30. That's pretty good sleep time for me. By the time I arrived at work this morning, I felt like I could take a good, long nap. Luckily for me, 5 year olds have exponential energy and they kept me going all day. It's almost 6:30 now and I think I'll stay upstairs when I put M down for bed.

2.) I'm quite worried about my father. Sixteen years ago, he was diagnosed with a lung disease. Yesterday, he and my mother went to Jacksonville for two weeks of testing to find out more about being placed on the lung transplant list. This is a reality I hoped would never materialize, but I'm glad it did because it means my dad is still here, still fighting, still strong. I'm eager for the two weeks to be over so we can move on to the next step, whatever the next step might be for him. My dad is such a great dad and an even more wonderful grandfather. I love being with him and seeing the love between grandfather and granddaughter.

So, the running from my current problems is over and I must deal with the exhaustion that accompanies the marathon. I'll be back when I'm able to shed this cloak and replace it with one of peace and rest.

Missing you...


Kristen said...

could the exhaustion be signs of a long-awaited blessing? praying for energy and rest for you...and for your dear dad. hope to see you soon :)

Kyla said...

I'm ready for a nap right now (it is 6:27am). I'm always ready for a nap these days, but I rarely have time for it, unfortnately!

Keep us posted on your dad!