Sunday, September 27, 2009

When I'm a big girl

When I'm a big girl, I'm going to love you and Dadda SOOO much. Much more than I do now.

Mommy, I miss Nona and OB on their vacation. Let's call them and tell them. No, let's wait 'till they get home. Then we can call them and tell them we missed them on their vacation.

Dadda is a hard worker. He's a very hard worker. Mama, you're only a hard worker inside. Not outside. Right, Mama? Right??


Arizaphale said...

Absolutely M! The boy jobs are outdoor and the girl jobs are indoor!!! hahaha. This from me who is the one who gets up to clean the gutters!

Kyla said...


Once BubTar told my mom that MY job is planning and Josh's job is doing. LOL.

Tami said...

lol...oh that's funny!