Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swimming Lessons: Day Two

M had another great day at swimming lessons! I'm amazed at how she easily changes into her bathing suit, but if I asked her to put on her pajamas or school clothes, the first thing she asks is, "Will you help me please?"

I think M might have the cutest little swimming instructor ever. He's so quiet and patient with the children. If they don't understand what to do, he shows them repeatedly. M doesn't want to put her face in the water when she swims, so he is constantly holding her and showing her exactly how to do it. That is something we're going to practice when we go to our pool later this week. He calls her the wrong name--when they were done today, he said, "Bye Mara (like Kara)." She just said, "Bye. Thank you." Then she turned to me and said, "I told him my name was Meryt Sherrill Benson, but he keeps calling me the wrong name. I guess it's okay because he's teaching me how to swim."

So, here they are working on floating and kicking. M won't relax enough to put her head back. We'll work on that, too.

At the end of the lesson today, one of her group must have asked to jump off the diving board. I was SHOCKED when M followed them right over there and jumped off like an old pro. Our regular pool has a water slide, but no diving board. I'm pretty sure she's never seen a diving board before or seen anyone actually jump off of one. She didn't act scared at all.

This one will be my POTD for Project Life. I don't know why there is so much noise in the jumping pictures. I love this picture...her sweet face, the way she's sucked her tummy in, and how she's looking at her teacher to make sure he'll catch her.

The day ended with a huge splash! M can't wait to go back tomorrow.


Kyla said...

Look at her go! That is wonderful.

I get called Kayla a lot, I only correct people sometimes. There is this one nurse at the hospital when I volunteer and he always says, "Hey Kayla! How are you?" I should probably correct him, but he's the only one who really remembers my name, so I figure I should just be pleased with that.

Arizaphale said...

*sigh* The BA gets Chloe instead of Cleo all the time. It is a bit irritating. Well done Meryt for dealing with it so well. I must say in these photos she looks so BIG!!! Is she tall for her age? Oh and bad luck at having to look at Mr Pretty Boy Swim Teacher for a whole lesson :-D

Andi said...

I agree...I was just going to say that M looks SO grown up! It hasn't been THAT long since I have seen her, but WOW she growing like a little weed. I LOVE that she loves swimming lessons. I remember mine way back when, and it was always so much fun...like a whole other world opening up to you that you didn't know about. I adore being able to glide through and under the water...swimming is the only sport I love! haha
I am so proud of your big girl for being so brave and having such fun. Really great photos, Nat.

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