Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need Some Mama Help

M and I had our first embarrasing moment together where I wanted to throttle her into the southern hemisphere and let her roast all by herself.

It started out rather innocently. We stopped by a new cupcake store (AMAZING!) and bought a few cupcakes for a treat.

Then we went to pick up some stationery I bought for the kids. When the lady showed M her cards, she (the lady) said, "Yum! These look delicious! I love them. Don't you?"

And M replied, "No. I don't like them at all."

UM! EXCUSE ME?!?! Was that my sweet girl that is normally NOT a brat? The little girl that just picked out a cupcake at the store as a fun afternoon treat? What in THE WORLD were you thinking, M?

So, she's not allowed to have her cupcake. She's not allowed to have her princess music. She's upstairs in her room thinking about her actions right now. She's not going to watch her favorite show this afternoon.

Too harsh? Not harsh enough? I just can't believe she was that unkind and is that unappreciative. I don't want a bratty little girl. I know cards aren't really that exciting, but she should still be kind to the store lady and thankful for a gift.

What would you do?


Kyla said...

Hmm, if it were me, I'd just have a discussion with her about how that it is fine for her to have an opinion (like "I don't like those.") but sometimes it is nicer to keep our opinion to ourselves. If she didn't like them, you wouldn't want her to lie, right?

KayTar doesn't always instinctively understand politeness or how stating something that might be a fact might be rude/hurtful (because it IS a fact after all), so we have lots of these talks.

Stacy said...

I would have done the same thing. They have no brain-mouth filter at this age. They need to know that some things are just rude to say, and sometimes being honest is not the way to go. She may not have liked them truly, but she didn't need to say that. Our kids are finally at that point where they know that things they say can be hurtful and are learning what they are not allowed to say. Usually it is ME they are rude to (usually revolving around dinnertime and them not wanting to eat those "gross" healthy foods that I prepare). Manners are something they need to learn.