Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maybe, Day 1

MAYbe...A month of possibilities

Day 1

After a pretty tremendous meltdown yesterday (mine, unfortunately), I realized I have completely let this family slide into some pretty atrocious habits. It happened in the busy-ness of life, innocently at first, as most bad habits start. It certainly wasn't intentional, they were born during moments of survival, but the results of my lackadaisical parenting became glaringly apparent yesterday.

In my fit of rage {The dog ate my lunch, which I asked Meryt to watch while I ran upstairs to help Luke go to sleep. When I came downstairs, her eyes were glued to the TV and the dog was happily gobbling my Five Guys small bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and mushrooms.}, I made some rash decisions. Now that I've had time to calm down, I realize that despite my rage, the decisions and consequences are valid and necessary. I did apologize to Meryt for screaming like a crazy woman. She accepted my apology gracefully and said next time she'd watch my lunch more carefully. Our relationship is restored. :)

So, today was our first full day of living with my changes.

MAYbe good things will come.

Changes: Results

No TV for a week: We were 10 minutes early to church today. We've never been 10 minutes early to anything. This decision was not made in the rage, but after. I've known for a while that we all watch way too much TV. I don't want to rely on the TV so much this summer, so I decided to go cold turkey and just keep it off. I was in desparate need of a nap this afternoon, so I did let Meryt watch a movie while I snoozed on the couch during Luke's nap time. Other than that, that was the only time the TV has been on in almost 36 hours. MAYbe no TV will be a good thing.

All meals at the table: Meryt actually ate breakfast and lunch. This was a decision that was definitely made in the moment of crazy-mama-red-faced-screaming. It probably sounded something like "AND-WE-WILL-NEVER-EAT-IN-FRONT-OF-THE-TV-AGAIN. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER." While I didn't handle it well, this will ultimately be a good decision. Since H has been working in the evenings and all weekend, Meryt and I have been entirely too relaxed about our meals. We've picked up more Chick-fil-A than I care to admit. We've eaten cereal for dinner or had cheese sandwhiches for lunch and peanut butter and jelly for dinner. TIME TO CHANGE. MAYbe this will force my hand. We both ate lunch together today...I had to leave the table a little early because Luke was fussy, but she sat there until her meal was finished. My goal is to plan our meals for the week and have everything ready to prepare before I leave for work. That way when I get home, I can just throw our dinner together quickly. MAYbe meals at the table will be good thing.

We had a super day today. I'm very hopeful for May. I feel that it is full of MAYbe's...possibilities. I don't know what's to come. Meryt isn't upset about the TV situation. Not like I thought she'd be. I honestly thought she would ask every 2 minutes to watch one of her shows. She spent lots of time playing with Luke this afternoon. She spent a lot of time just sitting on the couch talking to herself. MAYbe she'll discover the thousands of toys in the cubbies this week.

I don't feel like MAYbe is in the gray area between yes and no. I feel like it's the colorful, rainbow area of possibility. It could be anything. And there is fun to be had in the anticipation.


Kyla said...

My kids talk fondly of "A long time ago? Back before we ALWAYS had to eat at the table?" LOL. But seriously, it is a very helpful rule. We make exceptions once in a while on the weekend when they want to eat up in BubTar's room while watching one of their movies or something, but overall, it is a good rule.

Maggie said...

Eating out is one of my MAJOR downfalls. So is eating in front of the TV. I wish that I could say I was going to turn off my TV for the month of May too, but I am sure that won't happen. Maybe after I am done with boards in June I will be able to follow your lead ;)

Arizaphale said...

Proud of you mate. Sometimes we have to melt down in order to realise that things aren't working. I need to rein in the BA's TV and eating in front of it too. Lately our meal times have become more and more fragmented with commitments and the BA's ability to make her own. It's not good. I also admire your plan to plan the week's meals. I have been meaning to do this for a while except I hate cooking so I leave it to Himself and he is notoriously whimsical about what he feels like cooking. Good luck with NaBloPoMo. Hope you can keep it up. It's good to 'read' from you again!