Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

These are not the pictures I thought I'd be posting today. But then, I didn't realize H was getting M something for Valentine's Day. After I bathed M and was getting her ready for bed, I glanced over at her crib and noticed something, but thought nothing of it. When I went to put her in the crib, I realized she had a new pink animal that was TOUCHING HER SNUGGLIES AND HER PACIFIER! The nerve!!!! No one. NO. ONE. messes with the snuggles and pacifier. I didn't realize it would be a huge deal, so I grabbed the camera to take a picture for H. He's never home when I put M to bed, so I wanted him to see how much she loved her new animal (you should start laughing now....)

I handed M her pacifier, which she immediately stuffed in her mouth, and handed her the snugglies. Then I made the fatal mistake of trying to get her to hold the innocent little pink bear that says I love you on the heart. That's when the neighbors probably wanted to call 911 because they thought I was beating my little girl!! (More in the next post...these might be in opposite order)

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Joe and Susie said...

oh my gosh!!! too funny!!! i can't believe she freaked out! she is one little girl who loves her snuglies!! hvd!