Sunday, February 11, 2007

Something New at the Benson Household

Sometimes inheriting something can lead to the INTENSE desire to have a newer version of that very thing. Here's a perfect example (yeah, I're shocked that I have an example): My dear friend E taught me how to sew. She helped me make M's birthday dress and Christmas outfit. That lit a desire to sew more, so over Christmas break, my mom helped me with a few more things. That led to inheriting my mother-in-laws sewing machine. It hasn't been used in ATLEAST 22 years, if not longer. It seemed like a great machine. It certainly had some really cool accessories, especially if you consider it's age. But the darn thing wouldn't work half the time! The first time I used it, perfect. The second time, not so perfect. I knew I wanted a new machine, but thought I could live with the older model. Today it worked for about, oh, 10 minutes. Even H worked on it, and trust me, he's very mechanical. I thought surely he could fix it. To no avail. Desire for that new machine flooded my body. M woke up from her nap, we all got dressed again and headed out to Target to check out new machines. H was so sweet--he actually took the old, heavy machine out of the cabinet to take with us to Hancock. We thought, even though the employees at Hancock don't fix machines, perhaps they could tell us what was wrong. The very nice (that's as sarcastic as I could make it) lady suggested the tension was off. As little as I know, that was one of the first adjustments I made and it. did. not. work. So, we went to Target, went to Hancocks, went back to Target and now I am the proud owner of a new sewing machine! And it is AMAZING. I would shout that from the rooftop. I am so pleased with the machine H helped me pick out. He was so patient as we looked at each machine and debated the merits of each one.

I'm going to post pictures of the new machine tomorrow and the pants I finished tonight without help from anyone! That's a great feeling. I'll also post my Best Shot for the little photo sharing at Picture This.


Stacy said...

Congratulations on your new machine! Believe me, I know your elation :) I learned to sew on everyone's OLD machines (I think one was just one step above the ones you had to pedal...not kidding!). My first new machine was like heaven.

Stacy said...
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