Monday, March 12, 2007

I got nuthin...

I left my camera at school this weekend...a weekend when I needed it!! H and I got M a fun little tykes castle yard toy and a great little picnic table. I don't have the first photo of us putting it the dark using flashlights. No pictures of M on her new treasures for the first time. Tracy over at said her husband reminds her that she's not "missing" the event, she's living it. That's my comfort right now. I wasn't stuck behind the lens. I was playing with M as she discovered and played with her new toys.

M and I will be staying home together tomorrow. Her babysitter called after the kids' afternoon nap and told me she was running 103 temp. Thankfully I have a full time student teacher, so I could leave immediately. Her pediatrician saw us within thirty minutes. No ear infection, no strep (thank GOODNESS!) and no flu (Thank you, Lord). She must just have a virus. I'm going to watch her carefully tomorrow. I can take her back if I feel she's not fairing well. She's had a nasty cough for a few days that H and I were watching closely.

While I hate that she's sick, I'm looking forward to a quiet day with just the two of us. I adore those quiet hours when we can play and read books without rushing to get to school or rushing to get dinner ready or rushing to bed. I yearn for the summer when we get to be on OUR schedule.

I want to share pictures of the 2nd grade play with you. I'll remember to bring my camera home Wednesday and post a few pictures. The kids did an outstanding job. They were giving us a heart attack, though! This is an 11th hour group--they didn't pull it together until the very last possible second. But they didn't disappoint. They did a job that shocked parents, teachers, and administrators. Kudos to the second graders!


melody said...

I am laughing at the picture (even w/o your camera) of you and your husband in the dark assembling the thing.:) Sounds like something we would do.

Just think of the "did not have my camera" as a blessing in that you DID just play with her. And I hope your dear sweet girl feels better real soon. Enjoy your day together tomorrow.

Kyla said...

Hope M is feeling better soon!!