Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Real Moms

I've been tagged by my friend Melody. I'm supposed to say something witty and coherent about real moms. More specifically, what makes ME a real mom.

Here goes:

Real moms NEVER have a firm grasp on their life. Every once in a while they THINK they are one step ahead, then they remember they are constantly trying to catch up. I'm standing on the carousel of life and I'm having trouble getting my bearings! I've felt that way for the past 18 months. I stand still and life twirls around me, out of my control. There are brief moments of clarity, but mostly that swirly feeling you get when you are dizzy. And you wouldn't trade that feeling for anything else in the world.

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(I borrowed this from Melody...I'm all typed out tonight. I finally finished one of my papers!)
If you have not been tagged specifically and your are reading this, you are now officially tagged. Read all about the Real Mom meme and go here for inspiration from others. Post your response on your blog; please come back and comment here so that I (and others) may read your inspiring, hilarious or insane words; and let Kristen know your post is up to be included in the original index.



melody said...

Well written real mom post. Catching up, is there such a thing? And that dizzy feeling, it's the buzz I live for!

Thanks for playing tag. Now I am going to bed. Snzzzzzzzz

Stacy said...

I will play! Tracey actually tagged me too, so now the pressure is on...I'm tagged twice!

Well, written, too. Isn't that the truth!