Sunday, March 18, 2007


In order to get the pictures I had to tuck the pant pretty far up into the shirt. Both of these outfits are pretty big on her so she can wear them this year and next year. I love adding a little extra to the bottom of the pants. I found that pretty pink and white trim on the pants at Hobby Lobby, of all places. The top outfit was fun to make...I'd never made anything like it before. I actually did the shirt in sewing class. I taught myself to cover buttons. The buttons are the same fabric as the stripe on the pants. They don't show up quite as well as I had hoped, but over all I'm pleased with both of these outfits.


Stacy said...

Adorable outfits! You did a great job on them and your little girl will look so cute in them! I bought some of those buttons to cover with fabric, so that is a new thing I haven't tried yet.

I am definitely having fun sewing my little girl's summer outfit. Now I have to spend some time this week on my little boy, I think. He's gettin' a tad jealous. :)

Here's a link where I found how to make the pinwheel (she calls it a yoyo). I put fray check on the ends when they are all together and then cover with a pretty button. I have to take pictures of a pair of pants I made that has them on too. They really add some fun!

house full of love said...

The outfits are so cute. Part of being a mother is being able to dress up your child so adorable.