Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1:00 PM Thursday

Blog friends, I need your prayers...badly. I have a friend who lost a baby when I was pregnant with M. She had a great pregnancy with a few complications that became more severe as the pregnancy progressed. When she delivered her daughter three weeks early, everything looked good for a few hours, then the precious baby flat lined. Her doctors would get her stabilized and then she would flat line again. After 36 torturous hours at our local hospital, the mother and baby were transferred to a medical school training hospital a few hours away from here. 18 days later that precious little girl took her angel wings and went Home.

Well, that same friend is scheduled for a C-section tomorrow at 1:00 PM. Everything looks great with this baby, but the parents are, of course, filled with so many emotions. My friend's doctor has already told her that there will be tons of extra support in the delivery room for the mother and the baby. He doesn't want her to panic, but to understand that everyone is there to help her and support the baby, if the need arises. One of the doctors (neonate, I'd suppose) has already scheduled an echo cardiogram to make sure this baby doesn't have the same condition as his/her sister.

Friends, PLEASE, PLEASE help me pray for this friend. My biggest prayer is that the parents can live in the joy of the moment with this baby. I know they miss their daughter so much. I pray that they can enjoy every single thing about this baby without memories haunting them. Please pray for peace for the parents tomorrow and a beautiful, healthy baby.


Kyla said...

I will. Such a scary situation, but I hope this time is much different for them.

Bunny said...

What a scary time, I will pray that everything goes smoothly for them today. Have you read the blog Untangling Knots? You're friend might be interested in reading. The author lost her first baby very soon after birth and now has a several month old son. She is a very moving and courageous mom.
Good luck to your friend.

Stacy said...

Oh, how scary for them! I will pray that this little gem will sail smoothly through his/her birth and that the parents will get to enjoy a full life for their baby. I can't imagine how emotional this time is going to be for them. Prayers going their way!

Arizaphale said...

Will do mate. What tricky stuff eh? as my husband would say.
God willing all will go well this time and you will send us some good news soon.

Christina said...

My eyes are filled with tears for this family...tears of sadness for their loss and tears of hope and joy for this new baby. What a scary, emotional time. Prayers going up!