Monday, August 13, 2007

No picture this week...

Actually, I have lots of pictures from last week, but the camera is in the van and, frankly my dear, I'm just too tired to go outside and get it.

Stacy asked how far apart M and the baby will be: my estimate is exactly 2.5 years apart. I have a dr's appt scheduled for 8/30 to find out the details. One of my biggest goals to accomplish before the arrival of the baby is to have M potty trained. She loves to sit on the big potty, but hasn't done anything in it yet. I'm going to buy a potty this week and start practicing on it.

It is so strange to say "the baby" and "pregnant" and "due date." We were definitely trying to have another baby, so it's not a huge surprise--although we are SO thankful we didn't have any difficulty. M was very expensive and long-in-waiting. I don't feel any different today than I did last Monday, when I didn't know I was pregnant.

We found out about M on Valentine's Day two years ago and I started feeling pregnant before we even knew, although I didn't know I was feeling pregnant. I was dizzy and weak and so very, very tired. I swear, on February 15th, my symptoms quadrupled. I was in materinty clothes one month later because my boobs wouldn't fit into any of my regular clothes. Last time, I did the protective mother hand thing all the time.

This time, I just feel normal. (Okay, except for the boob thing, but I wasn't going to mention that.) Maybe because I know some of the things to come, I realize that nothing has really changed yet. I am super, super tired. Yet, I'm having trouble sleeping through the night. I'll sleep so hard for several hours, wake up to use the bathroom and then watch TV or read for more than an hour before I'm tired again.

Enough about me. This WILL NOT become a pregnancy blog. M and I started Mommy and Me gymnastics last week. I have some cute pictures from that. I'll try to post those tomorrow.


Colleen said...

Congratulations again! I'm so excited for you. We're starting to work on a sibling for Zoe... and I hope this time it goes a little easier. Zoe wasn't too long a wait (compared to some) but it was a year of trying. I'm really hoping we don't have to wait that long this time.

Write away about the pregnancy... I think it's so interesting to hear how other women's pregnancies go!

melody is slurping life said...

Well, considering you are newly pregnant...just started back to school...yada, yada, yada...I'm letting the no photos today thing slide. ;) I'm not pregnant, didn't start back to work today, but if my camera were in the van I wouldn't go out in this heat to get it.

Seriously, hope you sleep well tonight.

Stacy said...

You can go ahead and post away about your pregnancy, we don't mind. I wish I was blogging when I was pregnant since then I would have someone to whine to LOL! 2.5 years apart is a good distance, too. Ours are 17 months and that was a bit hard. Can you believe that I was pregant when Kai was only 9 months old...geesh, what were we thinking! The tiredness is definitely hard, so get some rest when you can.

Kyla said...

Very exciting stuff!

Christina said...

I think 2.5 years will be a great age difference! M will be big enough to understand about the baby and you'll have a little "helper," yet they're still close enough in age to be best buddies. I'm so excited for you. Seriously, it seems like everyone I know either just had a baby or is pregnant. It's giving me MAJOR baby fever!

I definitely remember the exhaustion of the early days or pregnancy - and I can only imagine chasing after a toddler at the same time. Sending you best wishes for a smooth, easy pregnancy!

Arizaphale said...

I always feel a bit sad when I read about pregnancies as I never had the second baby I would have loved ....but I have stepsons who need me (I THINK) so I'm sure the Lord's plan is a good one. So you post away in pregnancy mode. For those of us 'out of the zone' it is a wonderful, vicarious reminder. XX