Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The cutest pictures (in the leotard) are from Toddler and Mommy Gymnastics today. We're having so much fun together. M has to follow directions and do things like walk on the balance beam with a ball over her head, jump on the trampoline, and crawl through obstacle courses.
She loves balls so much that she holds the ball tight against her chest instead of holding it over her head.
She usually won't let go of my hands during trampoline time, but she was doing "safe hands" so she had to let go for a second. What you don't see is me about .007 inches from her hands. She only let go for a nanosecond.
She does love to crawl through the tunnels and bridges and sliding, so she'll let go of me during those 3.2 seconds.
Before we go into the big gym, we meet in the purple room and do our stretches--that includes the mommies. It's so funny to see all of us moms chasing our toddlers and trying to stretch with them.
The other funny part is to see us modeling some of the activities the kids are supposed to do: donkey kicks, mini-cartwheels.
So, each Tuesday evening you'll find us at Gymnastics class.


Kyla said...

Sounds like fun!!!

Christina said...

What fun! I would love to do gymnastics with Nadia...with her limitless energy I know she would have a blast, plus it's such a great way for them them learn to follow the rules and cooperate witha group. I'm glad you and M get to do that together. And yes, she looks simple adorable in that leotard!!!