Thursday, August 2, 2007

Good-bye mullet, hello son

Here is the wispy mullet being chopped off

Here is another image of the hair being cut

Please meet my hairdresser and MY SON

On a whim today, I asked my hairdresser to trim M's hair. It's been sort of wispy for a while and in need of a trim. I just thought he'd cut off some of the mullet. INSTEAD, I NOW HAVE A SON! I'm going to have to put pink bows in her hair every single day so people will know she's a little girl!!! I thought M would have something that looked sort of a like a little bob, but she's got a little boy haircut. I love my hairdresser...I really do. BUT I HAVE A DAUGHTER!!!!


Anonymous said...

What were you doing having YOUR hairdresser cut M's hair when you could've had Palo do it? Are you crazy? You could've called every woman you know and charged admission!

natalie said...

Dang...PALO CUTS HAIR??????? I didn't realize that. You know, without any hesitation at all that I'd do anything, ANYTHING, to be near Palo.

Blogfriends: Palo is the real life friend of one of my real life friends and HE IS HOT. Hot as in TOTALLY HOT. Hot as in...well, that's enough. Trust me, he's HOT.

Anonymous said...

Hot is NOT EVEN an accurate description of Palo, he is an inferno. Whoa, my fingers are on fire just typing his name.

Kyla said...

Oh no! We are terrified to cut KayTar's hair. Although it could use a trim I just can't bear the thought of scissors touching those curls.

But Natalie, she is still beautiful!

christinator said...

Oh, the first haircut! I dread that day for Nadia...I am SO not ready to lose her curls, even tho they get wilder and more unruly by the day.

Meryt still looks adorable and beautiful! And very much a girl to me!

So - where are the pictures of Palo?!?!

Colleen said...

I have Joe (who cuts my hair) cut Zoe's hair. He does a really great job... but I long for a sweet little bob type cut (bangs and the rest all above chin length. But every time Joe cuts it Zoe comes out with a "pixie" type cut. Cute... but never what I really want.

It'll grow back!

Stacy said...

Oh, it will grow back! She still looks like a cute little girl, just add some bows. :) The scissors haven't touched A's hair, but with curls you really can't tell how uneven it is! ;)

Arizaphale said...

There is NO mistaking that beautiful face is a girl!! A cut will help to thicken her hair up so next time it will be easier to style. (or is that an old wives tale?)
Now, what about some pictures of Palo?????