Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My goodness--a lot has gone on in this strange world we know as the blogosphere!

I'm a little out of touch.

Here is a list of the recent happenings (in no particular order):
Rehersal dinner
Parents in town to help
Day trip to Atlanta
Museum with parents and M
Visits to the pool
Friends over for dinner
Shopping (YEAH! I bought a size smaller in EVERY SINGLE ITEM!)
Bible Study
Quiet time with M

Summer vacation will be over two weeks from tomorrow. How in the world can that possibly be true???? I'm just starting to relax and enjoy it. That always happens to me. At the beginning of the break, I schedule our days so full of activities because I'm not use to the free time. Then I hit my stride and start settling down. Usually when I have about 3 weeks left, I think of all the things I still want to do before I go back to school. Not this summer. I'm just going to keep things calm and quiet for the next two weeks. We have a doctor's appt, a Pampered Chef party, and two days of catering events, but other than that I'm not going to micromanage my time. Whatever happens, happens.

I will update at War of Words today or tomorrow.

I will slowly be coming around to check out your happenings. I checked on Colleen only to discover that Ana Sophia has made her grand entrance into the world. My friend Susie posted about blueberry picking with us. Another friend has moved. People are busy!

Oh, this is post 398. That means in TWO posts I have something SO FUN to give away. I mean, SOOOOO FUN. You'll want it. And I'll personalize it and you'll want it EVEN MORE. Sooooooo, check back in a day or two. Trust me. It's good. REALLY good. You'll be the first to have it because I'm going to use YOU as a trial run.


Christina said...

You sure do have me curious..I will definitely be checking in with you to see what this big surprise is! Exciting!
Enjoy your last days of summer vacation!

Arizaphale said...

I will be looking to win something again! I LOVED my personalised cards..
Do you go back to school in August? In the UK they go back in September. We go Feb to December and have January off. My little holiday is nearly over too :-(

Susie and Joe said...

love the new header! love those pig tails! will be checking back to see the 400th post!
thanks again for the flylady info! you should post about that if you haven't already and share your knowledge! good stuff!

Maggie said...

The curiousity is KILLING me. Patience? NOT a strong point of mine.

Jeff and Julia said...

Well, I definitely want it!

Andi said...

Busy, busy, busy...can you believe we have only 2 weeks left??? What happened to the summer? I was just complaining about being bored, and now I am feeling sad that summer is almost over. You are SO RIGHT to take these last two weeks easy. Good for you! Enjoy them!!

melody is slurping life said...

Natalie, I miss you. I have been so consumed in getting it together for the recent launching of 5MFSN that time has escaped me.

Look at your header! How M is growing into a beautiful little girl...what happened to the toddler?

I'll be checking back. But try hard to enjoy your last two weeks before school starts. Gee, where does time go?

Always in my heart and prayers...

ox said...

Wow! You are such a busy person! Sounds like fun though!