Monday, July 14, 2008

MBS: Blueberries

Checking out the berries.

A handful of berries.

Several families joined us Friday morning to pick blueberries. There is a local family that plants a field of blueberry bushes. When the berries are ripe, they open their home (actually, their field) to the public to pick the berries.

Seven adults, twelve children, delicious blueberries, tons of fun.

For other MBS, visit Tracey. She and her family are back from their fantastic vacation!


Chaotic Joy said...

Lovely. Reminds me of Blueberries for Sal

Mia's Mama said...

Thank you for these shots. When I was younger...less than 6 yrs old, we would summer in Michigan...ahhhh the blueberries. You just don't get those in Texas!

Lovely shots

Christina said...

What asweet time! I can just imagine her stained lips. Love the hand shot!

And I love your new header picture.

Jaimee said...

Beautiful shot of the blueberries!

kim said...

yum! and what will you do with all of those berries?

Maggie said...

YUM! I wish that we had something like that around here -- it looks like so much fun!

And I love the new header too -- M's hair is getting so long and she is looking like such a grown up girl!

Andi said...

What great shots! What a fun day...thanks again for letting us come along. Just tonight, I gave the husband blueberries and cream for dessert after dinner. And, while we were there I asked the daughter if picking the berries reminded her of that book- Blueberries for Sal- an old favorite of hers from Kindergarten- she had no idea what I was talking Chaotic Joy it reminded me of that book, and now it makes me want to rush out and buy it for her. We had such fun...thanks for sharing that moment. Hope you are to you soon.

Arizaphale said...

This was something ew always meant to do and never got around to in the UK. Love the blueberry colour of your layout now too!! And of course lil Miss Pigtails there..