Friday, July 18, 2008

399 and Phrase Friday

Just to make you read the ENTIRE post, I'll get to the 399 in a few minutes.

Did you know that M was a mind reader? Well, lately she's developed the ability to tell us what our "fravorite" thing might be.


"Oh, Mommy! This candy bar is your FRAVORITE kind! You should eat it!"
"Mommy, dish ish Daddy's FRAVORITE chew gum. He needsh it."

M loves music...always has. When she wants to listen to her music, she asks in the most polite manner. (insert dripping sarcasm here)
"Mommy, turn my NEW-GITS on, PWEASE!"
Are there any speech therapists out there? How in the world do you translate NEW-GITS into music???

Here is a typical conversation in the Benson household.
"M, do you want apple juice or milk?"
I get the milk out.
"No, apple juice!" M screaming.
"You said you wanted milk." My frustrated reply.
"No, my want apple juice. My do, MY DO!"
H and I hear MY DO, MY DO atleast 25 times a day.

Enough phrases.

Let's talk about tomorrow. This is post 399. Tomorrow is the big 400. I've got something TOTALLY fun planned. Well, actually, it's a give away. I'm going to make M one this afternoon to practice. Hers will be little girlish. The give away will be more trendy--and you'll have a choice. Check back tomorrow. Tell your friends to check back. I'm going to post as soon as I get up in the morning and I'll draw for the give-away when I go to bed. I'll make the special treasure Sunday and get it in the mail Monday morning. Trust me...this is FUN. Start thinking of your favorite word that begins with the same letter as your first or last name. C'mon back tomorrow.

Leave me a comment. Give me a little something to laugh about.

C'mon...leave a comment. Laughter is new-gits to my ears.


Maggie said...

I'm totally out of funny. But I will say that the first thing that comes to mind with that last shot is the scene in the movie Big (you know, with Tom Hanks) where they jump around and play chopsticks at FAO Swartz.

I totally always wanted a floor piano when I was little. I also swore that when I grew up my house was going to look just like his apartment - with the bunk beds and the trampoline and the junk food.

I'm a grown up now, and I don't have bunk beds or a trampoline...I think I got jipped!

Christina said...

YES, I totally see Big from that picture, too!

If you want funny, here's funny: today at lunch, N is munching away on her food, and then she says "by belly and getting very full, and when it is all the way full it will turn into a baby!"


Your M's phrases sound oh so similar to what I hear around here. "Fravorite" sure is cute...

And there's another post up now, so I'm off to check it out! Eeeek, so excited!

Arizaphale said...

I have one for you and because I have learned to do this and feel clever I am going to link you to it!
phrase friday