Saturday, October 18, 2008

Had a bad day?

You know that song, "Had a Bad Day?"

M had a day like that.

Today was a huge Jazz Festival that I've been preparing for all week. As in, enlisting the help of multiple friends to cut fabric, watch my child, sitting at the sewing machine for hours, asking H to cut dangly thread. You get the idea. (Pictures and more information about the Jazz Festival will be posted soon)

All week, I've been talking to M about how I needed her help today. How she was going to be such a big girl and help sell some of Mommy's fun sewing. ETC, ETC, ETC. She acted so excited at the thought of being my helper and doing fun things.

Apparently, the Jazz Festival wasn't so fun for her. Someone (thing) came in the middle of the night and took away my sweet, easy-going, most-of-the-time-obedient child and put in her place a demon-child.

Friends, let me tell you. It was UGLY. U.G.L.Y. UGLY. Uglier than ugly. She pulled on my clothes. She screamed my name whenever I spoke with ANYONE. She needed to visit the port-a-potty twice in less than 10 minutes. She spilled hot chocolate all over herself. She insisted she was hungry, but when given food, threw it away. She was told not to mess with my sweet friend's jewelry, but then messed with it NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE. (We're talking more than touching...bending, moving, flipping over) She tried, repeatedly, to crawl under Aub's table to hide, or play with the beads on the table cloth, or whatever it was she was doing on the ground. She put my jacket on the ground and stomped all over it. She put HER sweater on the ground and stomped all over IT. She threw everything that was in my chair on the ground, curled up in and it and told me she was tired. When I walked over to her to comfort her, she screamed at me, got up and marched off. We had to make a trip behind the bushes for some corrective discipline.

M had a bad day. Mommy had a bad day.

I'm praying that overnight, my sweet M is returned to me. That the demon child that inhabited her little body today is gone and my sweet girl is back in a few hours.


Maggie said...

Oh no! My fingers are crossed that tomorrow is a better day...

Kyla said...

Oh boy! We've had our share of those kinds of days, too.

Arizaphale said...

Ah. Methinks M did not want ot be at the jazz festival, sharing mummy with all and sundry! When the BA was 2.5 I believed the myth of the changeling. Tomorrow will be better I promise. :-)

Andi said...

She was not as ugly as you say...she is THREE. She is a doll, and though I understand the tough mommy and daughter moments better than most, I would not have wanted her anywhere else in the world than with us on Saturday! I ADORE M! Kisses to M from her Andi. :)
She will be back to her old self in no time!!

Christina said...

Oh my dear, I can relate. They always pick the worst times to show their bad side, don't they? I hope she's back to her sweet self again now!