Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year, dear friends!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Ours is certainly one that will not be forgotten. Nope. In fact, it probably goes down as one of the funniest events of my life. It involved twelve friends, all over 50 but not quite 60 (and these are some of my dearest friends), two little girls under the age of ten, a box of fireworks, and two patrol cars. are dying to know, aren't you???

We gathered together around 8:30. M and B were safely snuggled in at B's house until the sitter would bring them to us around 11:00. The men gathered around the large screen to watch football, the women were safely gathered in the kitchen enjoying each other's company. There was a hotly debated game of almost-beer-pong. There was breath-holding suspense as we watched that idiot in Las Vegas ride his motorcycle and jump on top of the Arc. He survived, much to my complete and utter surprise.

We headed outside to set off some fireworks, which are illegal in this state, but most Georgians do is safely and are able to enjoy their own private show, if small. As the men set up the box, we assembled outside in our coats and gloves, with blankets to keep us warm.

Someone jokingly said, "I hope the cops don't come."

As the men were getting ready, we watched a few shows going on in other parts of the neighborhood. One of the men lit the fuse and our own show began. It was really rather pretty, but only the beginning, as there were several more boxes to light.

One of the men noticed the headlights coming our way and said, JOKINGLY, "Uh-oh. Here they come."

Insert flashing lights.

(Please remember that H and I are the YOUNGEST of the party-goers at 31 and 38.)

Yes, that is right, my friends. My party of very mature partiers was busted up by the police.

"We've had some complaints." said the deep, faceless voice inside the patrol car.

"About US???" asked the incredulous host, who is over 50, by the way!!!

"We've just had some complaints. Y'all need to break it up. And don't you know that fireworks are illegal in this state?" the officer replied.

Sighing, we gathered ourselves together and headed back inside. Not long after that, we brought a very tired M home and all climbed into bed.

All in all, a night that won't be forgotten. At least none of us had the harebrained idea to ride our motorcycles on top of a building and then free fall off of it!

I really want to know what you did for New Year's Eve. Leave a link or tell me a story. Maybe not from last night. Maybe you have a party story. Let's talk!

PS: What do you think about the new design? Need to make any changes?

PPS: I'm trying to add my signature using these directions. I got everything done except the very LAST line that says, "Change the capitalized IMAGE to the actual URL or DIRECT LINK for the image you want to use." Does anyone know exactly what the means? I tried typing in the folders to the signature (C:Public, etc. etc. etc), but I'm not sure that's right and a funny little thing shows up whenever I preview the blog. I deleted it for now. Any help would be appreciated!


Rachel said...

Okay, where it says IMAGE in that line that you copied into the HTML code...delete the word IMAGE (but don't delete the apostrophe's) and then paste the direct link between the apostrophe''s a http:// code for your picture/siggie that you have uploaded to Hope that makes sense! I just did mine and it worked beautifully. I LOVE the pic of M in your header!

Peggy said...

My New Year's Eve

I dined on Steak-Out and Starbucks while I watched a miserable GaTech game. Then I watched the same idiot you did jump the arc. I think he is missing some marbles. Miss you.
Happy New Year!

Pruitt2it said...

Nat - I LOVE your new look...I need instructions on how to be that fancy. Glad to hear you rang in 2009 with a such a swanky group. We didn't do anything, I've had stomach bug. Lots of Love and I hope to see you more this year. Enjoy your last few days of break before we enter back into the real world.

Golightly said...

Our New Year's wasn't as exciting as that! how funny. I had friends that had to finally call the police at 4:30 am because the party down the street just wouldn't end! My friend said, "I hate to make this call but the party down the street seems to be getting even louder...: The person answering the phone said, "It's 4:30am!!"
Our new year's eve is here and here.

I love the new layout (although it's hard to read in the green background, but that's okay, I often read most of it in my Reader and then come over to comment.) And I LOVE the new picture of M in the header.

On a side note, it's time for a new theme for 2009, since we both had the same theme last year, what are you going to do? I'm leaning toward change. 'Cause I have a lot to make.

Anonymous said...

I Love You new Picture of Meryt. It is adorable. I hope you get that on a wall or give it as gifts at some point! Elizabeth

Lolly said...

Great look! I followed your lead and changed my look too. Thanks for the motivation. Now, if I can just post regularly!
I will post about our new years day- year two of the football party- it was great fun.

We miss you guys!!!!

Christina said...

Oh my what a night! A time to remember for sure.

LOVE the new design! I'm going to try making a signature, too.

Kyla said...

That is so funny! We sat around playing Mexican Train (a domino game) with our best friends while drinking sparkling wine. Aren't we exciting? LOL!

Tami said...

Hey! Love the new look and the pic of M!:o) After your siggy is saved as a .png file..go to and upload it there. Then when you move the mouse over the image in photobucket one of the options is "direct link." Delete only the word "IMAGE" and copy and paste that direct link.

Maggie said...

Natalie, your new look is AMAZING! You did a fantastic job -- WOW!

Oh, and happy new year too!

Arizaphale said...

A belated Happy New Year!!!!! I have been really busy/slack what with sailing regattas and having my sis here from the UK....
LOVE your new look. WOW what a change!! So many neat little features. Header photo is a beauty alright.
NYE, hmmmm I sold raffle tickets at the Yacht Club and stood on a balcony with a frozen shoulder listening to inebriated people rambling on incoherently. I was being the 'responsible driver' you see!!!