Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

"Jingle Bells!!!!!

Jingle Bells!!!!!

Jingle All The Way!!!!!!

To you!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!"

As my eyes and mind slowly (very slowly) became aware of the world around me this morning, I heard M serenading me from her bed. This is her new way of letting us know she's ready to get up in the morning. She has quite the repertoire of songs:
Father Abraham
Jesus Loves the Little Children
Go Tell it on the Mountain
Happy Birthday
The Wheels on the Bus
Jingle Bells
They usually get mixed up somewhere in the middle, so we never know what's coming. Her understanding of singing is somewhere between rock star and trying to wake the dead volume.

What a, ahem, joyful noise.

There are so many amazing things about motherhood. The spontaneous "I love you, Mama." "You're my BEST friend, Mama." "I can help you."
Cooking together.
Watching our vegetables grow together.
Taking family walks together.

There are a million reasons I love being M's mama.

There are a millions reasons I LOVE my own mama. Her compassion. Her sugar and her spice. The way she loves my dad. That we have so many things in common.

Motherhood is the amazing circle that is passed from generation to generation. I wonder if my mom felt the same way about me when I was a little girl that I feel about M. And will M one day feel the way about me that I feel about my mom now that I am an adult.

Just for a moment today, I encourage you to think about motherhood and what it means to you. I know I will.


Allyson said...

Happy Mother's Day Natalie! I love reading your blog about your adventures as a mom (among other things:)). You are a super mom and Meryt is one lucky girl...and she's cute as can be too!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and M! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about mothers.

Christina said...

Happy mother's day to one terrific Mama!

Golightly said...

Happy Mother's day! I love, love, love that picture of the two of you!

Kyla said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Arizaphale said...

That is such a special picture of the two of you! I cannot imagine being woken up by the sweet sounds of toddler singing. I am woken by Hiphop music on the ipod dock :-( Except on Sunday when both the BA and the Small Boy landed on my bed with cards/presents and cups of coffee :-D
I too think of the circle of motherhood. One thing I once read was that we will always love our children much, much more than they will ever love us, and that's ok because when they have children they will love them much much more than their children love them back etc etc etc
Happy Mother's Day!

Maggie said...

Love the shot of you two together -- so sweet!