Sunday, May 31, 2009


We're trapped inside today. M has been running a little fever on and off since Thursday. We knew something was up when she fell asleep on my lap in a restaurant Thursday evening. For anyone who knows us, M falling asleep in public is unheard of. She's just too darn inquisitive. On top of the fever, she's got a nasty little wet cough and a drippy nose.

Saturday morning we had a make a quick trip to the pediatrician's office. Because she woke up with pink eye. Poor girl. We thought she was doing better during the day, but at bed time last night, the fever was up to 101.7. Poor girl!!!

Today she's got her normal, sweet personality, but the cough is still nasty. Her eyes look white again. She still won't eat much.

So, we're trapping ourselves inside for a few days until she gets completely over this. It's just so sad to start our summer vacation this way!!


Arizaphale said...

Are you all in the grip of 'Swine Flu' hysteria there too? Anyone who much as sneezes is greeted with a chorus of "SWINE FLU"!!!!!
We had two schools close down last week because of a single case in each.As staff we are being told to stay home if we suspect we are sick, just in case. Well, I have a raging sore throat and a bit of a headache so......I'm staying home!
It's awful when little ones are sick though isn't it? Hope she's on the mend soon.(and hope that it's not swine flu :-D)

Andi said...

Love and kisses to M...I sure hope she is feeling better soon! My parents have both been feeling poorly with a cold these last few days too. I can not think of anything worse than having a fever and a nasty cold to begin the summer. I pray that she is well as soon as possible!

Kyla said...

Oh, I hope she is better soon!