Monday, October 5, 2009

Honey, you might want to come see this...

I've had an accident.
I could tell by his voice that HE was alright. He didn't sound pained. He sounded utterly..uh, well, he sounded terribly upset.

So I went outside and found this:

And I laughed!
And laughed.
And laughed.
Because what else could I do? How can you get upset about something that was so entirely an accident and the someone who did it is so entirely upset by it? I just couldn't muster up the energy to be upset. I was thankful that H was okay. I was thankful that we can afford to fix a mistake. I was thankful that if this was all that was wrong, everything would be alright.
And to be honest, I wasn't QUITE as thankful this morning when it was raining and I had to drive the van with this gaping hole covered with a plastic trashbag and a towel on the dashboard. But I still laughed on the way to school. I'm sure I looked quite the sight!


Kristen said...

I think it's HYSTERICAL that a hole in your knitting project caused you to be so upset with him that you could hardly be in the same room, but a hole in your car windshield makes you laugh! Oh, you are a funny one! :) Glad everyone is ok!

natalie said...


Too funny. That pretty much puts the whole knitting thing in perspective, doesn't it? Shame on me for being so irrational!!!

Kyla said...

How did it happen?

Glad he is okay and that you're so calm about it!

Arizaphale said...

Yeah I wanna know how it happened to! (incurably nosy :-)I also missed the knitting story....hmmmmm have to back track.....glad you are all ok though.