Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poor Baby!

That's what the doctor said to ME this morning! Wednesday evening I started down the slope and haven't stopped yet. I kept thinking, "This weekend I can rest and I'll get better." Not so much. This morning, I woke up more sick than I've been all week. I went to the local doc-in-a-box where I received excellent care. When the doctor walked in and heard my answers to his questions, he said, "Mrs. Benson, do your sinuses hurt? You've got a sinus infection."

I answered, "Not near as much as my throat."

When he looked at my throat, he said, "Poor baby!"

Not only do I have a sinus infection, I've got tonsillitis!!! YUCK! I came home from the pharmacy with a script for antibiotic, steroid, and pain relief, PLUS the clomid.

Now, a question for any of you who have taken clomid or have any experience with it: The pharmacist encouraged me to wait until next cycle to start it because my body is fighting the infection so hard and a pregnancy occurring is slim. I do trust her--she seemed very knowledgable and helpful. But I don't want to wait another cycle to start the clomid. What's your opinion? Please be honest! I suppose I could call the doctor on call for my OB's office. The downside to that is that they have added several doctors for weekend rotation, so I may talk to someone who doesn't even work at my doctor's office.


Arizaphale said...

Poor you! At least you have all the gear now and can get on the road to recovery. No experience with Clomid so can't give advice....

Maggie said...

I hope you start feeling better soon!

My professional opinion would be to check with your OB and see what s/he says about the clomid. The pharmacist is right - being so sick might make it harder. But at the same time, in two weeks you will probably be all better, so who knows. I'll be praying for you either way!

Kyla said...

I would lean toward waiting, but call the OB's office and get their official opinion before deciding for sure.