Monday, August 23, 2010

A new beginning

**This is a pictureless post because we're STILL having some computer issues and I just can't risk putting 300 pictures on the computer and causing it to crash.**
Today marked a new beginning for M. She had lots of trouble sleeping last night because she was so excited. Anyone who would listen yesterday heard about her upcoming excitement.
M started 4K this morning. The long awaited 4K. She chattered, withouth pause, the entire way to school about indication of her slight anxiety. Before we left the house, I asked her if she was nervous. "Mama! I'm not nervous. I've been to school a meellion and a meellion (million) times. I'm not nervous at all!" 4K has loomed large in her mind for a while now. In the spring, H and I started hearing, "When I'm in 4K...." about so many things. That phrase lasted throughout the summer and increased in frequency the past few weeks. I'm not sure why 4K was such a huge monument for her, but it is and so it shall be for our family. We've encouraged her and built it up right along with her. H took her to Open House last week. She loved seeing her classroom and meeting her teacher. She even told me about one of her new friends. I asked her about some friends from her 3K class, only to discover that every other child she knows from preschool is in the other 4K class! That didn't seem to bother her one tiny bit. She marched in this morning as proud and confident as could be. I spoke with the teacher for a few minutes, watched her play, and left. As confident as she is with us and friend we have in our home, I'm always amazed at how reserved she seems to be in a new environment.
Not only is today her first day of preschool, she also starts ballet this afternoon! She's as excited about that as she is about going back to school. I can't wait to see how sweet she looks in her ballet leotard and shoes and how much fun she has in class.
{Pictures will come as soon as we get this computer issue resolved.}


Kyla said...

Awww, how awesome!! KayTar starts Kinder tomorrow and she's so excited!

Arizaphale said...

But what is 4k? If she is starting preschool why isn't it 1k? I am soo confused :-(But happy she had a great start)!