Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, BUT another pictureless post because pictures are STILL on my camera. I won't mentiont the part about not taking a single picture of Sampson yet. More on that in a minute.

4:45 PM: Cell phone rings while I'm still at school.
"Natalie, this is B. There is a rescue lab that needs a home. Would you guys be interested?"
Called H to check with him. Need more information.
4:50ish PM: Yes, we're interested. Get contact information.
5:00 PM: Contact "owner" and make arrangements to see puppy.
7:00-7:30 PM: Discuss questions and concerns on the way to see puppy. Make a family decision that if it doesn't feel right, we'll walk away, no tears.
7:33 PM: See "our" puppy for the first time. M was enthralled with sweet boy from the moment she saw him. He took to her pretty quickly, too. She really doesn't understand that we will be taking him home with us.
8:00 PM: Somehow or other (still a blur), H is able to shove sweet boy in the van. He did NOT want to get in. I sit in the backseat with him. He rides home snuggled on my feet.
8:00-8:45 PM: Ride home, discuss names. Sampson just feels right for him. Now we've got a name for our boy.
8:45-9:15 PM: We play with and welcome Sampson home. He's completely overwhelmed. M and I go to bed.
9:15 PM-1:30 AM: H spends lots of quality time with Sampson. Sampson seems most frightful of H, so H wants to make sure they bond with each other. Even after H puts Sampson in his kennel, he sleeps on the floor beside it so Sampson won't be too afraid.

Sampson has a great day!
He's beginning to adjust to our family.
He will go in his kennel with the encouragment of a treat or two.
He only had one accident in the house today.
He is completely in love with M and wants her attention.
His little personality is coming out.
He's a chewer, so we've had to take several things away from him (shoes, M's toys, etc.). Whenever he takes something of M's and we try to take it away from him, she says, "It's okay. That's not my FAVORITE toy."
He sleeps on my feet whenever I sit at the desk.
He's still so scared of so many things. We've got a job to love him lots until he's comfortable in our family.


Kyla said...

Awww, congrats on your new family member!

Maggie said...

Aw! Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures...I'm sure that he is a handsome little fur-child!

Arizaphale said...

What excitement!! Hope he settles quickly and loses that skittishness. I am so impressed that H slept on the floor next to the kennel. What a sweetheart.You wouldn't catch Himself doing that :-D