Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is an update to this post.

Remember this for next year, oh doubtful teacher:

1.) Today was the 6th day of school. Your students are already following directions and gaining confidence from the structure of the classroom.

2.) Almost every single student can open their own milk carton. They know how to walk through the lunch line. They can use the bathroom during appropriate times and do not interrupt all day long to go.

3.) They can read the following 5 words: and, the, is, I, a.

4.) They are beginning to request some of the things you've introduced to them (We Are the Dinosaurs and The Days of the Week song). The parents are telling you that the kids are using "school words" at home.

There are good moments each day! The kids are really coming together as a group and you are forming sweet relationships with them. Moms are confiding their struggles at home. As hard as the first days are, the effort is worth it in such a short time. This is going to be a fantastic year.


Arizaphale said...

They are way ahead of my teenagers!

Kyla said...

As a professional, what in the world do you think KayTar is going to do during Kinder reading time?! LOL.

Colleen said...