Friday, July 6, 2007

Like mother/like daughter

It's eerie when your mother's words come out of your mouth. In my case, it's often my father's words that flow forth. It's even eerier when you see YOUR OWN DAUGHTER acting like you.

M gets the hiccups when she laughs a lot. So do I.
Her hiccups are a lot cuter than mine.

M is very, very crabby in the morning. So am I.
She's not happy until she's had her breakfast and some quiet time. It's not a nice few minutes as I struggle to figure out what she wants to eat for breakfast. And heaven forbid I give her something she did not want!

M likes to take marathon naps. So do I.
Today she went down at 12:30. It's 3:37 and she's still asleep. It's been this way all week.

M doesn't like strange textures in her food. Neither do I.
No more sneaking scrambled eggs in the grits.

These are a few examples that I've noticed in the past few days.


christinator said...

Isn't it amazing to see US in THEM! It's such a huge responsibility to be a mother and realize what a huge influence we have on their life.

But it's great fun, too!!

Stacy said...

It is so funny seeing a bit of yourself in your children. :) Then of course are those things that are uniquely them...I don't know where they got that love of shoes... ;)

melody is Slurping Life said...

You girls are so cute. :)

It's funny, but although my youngest 3 are not biological...they are soooo like myself and DH. Environment really is a big factor in who our children are. But I swear, I don't know where my guys got those opinionated attitudes.

Laura McIntyre said...

That really is amazing, i see so much of myself in my eldest that it scares me, both the good parts and the bad parts.