Thursday, July 12, 2007

VBS and a Dr's visit

This week, M and I have been very, very busy! She's been in the twos and threes VBS class with her best friends Noah and Maggie, plus a few more. She's learning Bible stories and songs. She's also been very busy making lots of cute crafts! She's so funny--each afternoon, we bring her daily craft in to the house. The next morning, she's found it (I had to start hiding them from her) and it goes right back to VBS. For some reason, she doesn't seem to understand that we keep crafts AT HOME. She's so proud of them.

I'm teaching the four year old class--my favorite age in the WHOLE WORLD. I love the wonder and excitements four year olds have for the simplest things in life. I love sharing the gospel with them and their complete faith in the truth of the Word. Each day we learn a Bible verse related to "The Race is On!" I am so fulfilled to see my little four year olds learning scripture. Their little minds are like sponges that soak up every minute detail of life around them. They can recall each day's Bible lesson and the songs, as well as their memory verses. We're raising money to buy mosquito nets for the children of a village in Bangladesh. They are so proud to bring in their coins and occasional dollar to help other children. We watch a video clip every day about a little girl named Sapla. They can't wait to learn more about her life and her village. VBS is something I look forward to each year.

Change of topic: I've had a strange thing on my neck for several years. It was a little raised area on the right side of my neck that never bothered me. My hair almost always covered it, but it wasn't very noticeable anyway. Over the weekend, it started swelling and became very tender on the bump and the surrounding area. I got sort of nervous and hesitated calling the doctor. I finally called Tuesday afternoon. Gracious doctor that I have worked me in on Wednesday in case I needed a referral to a dermatologist. The problem with the dermatologist around here is that they won't file your have to pay upfront and then file your own insurance for reimbursement! Since I certainly can't afford to do that, I knew my doctor would help make arrangements if I needed to see someone else. Thankfully, I just had a cyst that somehow got infected. He was able to drain it in his office. I won't give you all the gross details. It hurt and is sore now, but feels much better to not have a knot on my neck. I was starting to look sort of Frankenstein-ish!

So...that's the news around here. I'll be checking on all of you over the next few days. I'm waiting right now for M's Nona, OB, Uncle T, and Aunt L to arrive. Uncle T graduated from seminary in the spring. He and Aunt L are living with my parents for a few months during this life transition. We're so thankful that we'll get to see them so often. They've only met M twice--once when she was 4 months old and then at Christmas when she was 14 months old. As long as they are living in the same town with my parents, we'll be seeing them at least once a month. When I'm done with graduate school in Sept, we'll resume our once a month visit to Savannah. I'd better go...I'm procrastinating vacuuming.


Anonymous said...

I was getting worried about you...fabulous to see you and M so involved in the gospel of our redeemer! I taught VBS once many years ago, and you are so right- it is VERY fulfilling! Four-year-olds are amazing; I've had such fun with ME this summer (she's 4). Glad to read that your dr. visit was not too serious an issue. Hope you're all better soon. Enjoy your visit with family...maybe you will get lots of inspiration for poems! Talk to you soon, Andria

melody is slurping life said...

Glad to hear from you. VBS was also fun for me as a child. I began working as an assistant as a teenager and a teacher in adulthood. Haven't done it for a while though.

I'm looking forward to some photos of those cute crafts and adorable Miss M. I'm missing her..

P.S. In a few hours there will be something posted for you on my blog. ;)

melody is slurping life said...

I meant to say I'm thankful your Frankenstein neck was nothing serious. Take care.

Kyla said...

Be careful with that Biblical knowledge! BubTar has been using it against us lately!

When I am drinking a soda he says, "But mom, God loves it when we share. He WANTS you to share it with me."

Or when he wants to do something he isn't old enough to do he says, "But God says little guys can do big things, too. Like DAVID!"

There have been a few more, but I can't think of them off hand. He cracks me up.

christinator said...

I'm glad to see you around again - I've missed your words and pictures (hint, hint!)

VBS sounds fantstic, both for you and M! That's so cute that she is so proud of her art. Sounds like a wonderful program and vey rewarding for you as a teacher.

I'm glad your doctor's visit ended up having that outcome and not being anyting to serious. But still - yikes!

Hope you enjoyed your visit with the family!

Arizaphale said...

VBS.....I'm guessing Vacation Bible School???? There's nothing like that here really. Most kids get plonked into OSH Vacation Care (Out of School Hours)run by the State Govt schools. Who funds the VBS? Does it run all day or just in the mornings? Sounds great. I am off to a meeting at Church tomorrow night about the future of Children's Ministry in our Church. Hoping I can get involved. Take care and hope your neck is completely recovered!