Thursday, July 26, 2007

No pictures....send homework karma


As you can see, no pictures. My poor little camera cries when I walk past. It cries and begs to be unloaded. It's tired of fishy pictures swimming on the memory card. Tired of M's sticky fingers from her first sucker. Tired of seeing the same cards. But, must cry one more day.

I STILL HAVE STUPID HOMEWORK TO DO. It's 9:54 and I'm just now settling down for some homework. PLEASE SEND ME SOME HOMEWORK KARMA. I know why I've procrastinated so bad this time: once this weekend is over, work resumes.

During your free time, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go Love on some cute Parky. He and Tammy are in some serious need of some bloggy lovin'. Make a donation. We can all spare $2. If we all gave a little, Parker would be so happy. Visit Melody at Slurping Life.

See ya on the upside of Sunday. I'll be busy this weekend and doubt I'll get the pictures up for you.


christinator said...

Aw, hon, I'm sorry you're so overwhelmed with have-to-do stuff and no time for fun-to-fu stuff! I'm sending some homework karma your way! I hope you are able to get it done fast and get an A+ to boot!

And I can't believe how early the summer ends for you.

I mis ya!!!!

And again, God bless your love for Parker!

Stacy said...

I will send some homework karma your way..

**homework karma**homework karma**


Sorry to hear that summer vacation ends so early for you too. Well, get all caught up and we hope to see you back to blogging land!