Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Help Needed

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I said I'd be MIA until Sunday, but I've got a little problem--not thesis related.

M is having a major shift in her sleep patterns. As in, she's not sleeping as much or as well as she used to. I've always had the EASIEST time getting her to sleep and she rarely wakes up during the night. Suddenly (as in the past few weeks), M is sobbing at bedtime and is having a very difficult time getting to sleep. She's also waking up once, if not severals times, during the night and crying out for a while before going back to sleep. The other sleep problem is that she's not napping at her school much at all.

Have any of your children had a major sleep shift at or around 2 years old? Is this common? Do you have any suggestions? C'mon...share your blog-mommy expertise with me.


Kyla said...

Two year molars, perhaps? Usually sleep disturbances are tied to teething or illness, at least for us. I hope M finds her sleep groove soon.

Cari said...

I agree with Kyla, 2 year molars could be the issue.

My 4 year old also developed a short lived fear of the dark at 2. That meant BIG troubles at bedtime. We got her a nightlight which gave her some reassurance at bedtime and she was also able to resettle herself more quickly if she woke up in the night.

Hope things resolve for M soon!

Elizabeth said...

M also at 2 decided - Door Open - Didn't like the dark. Didn't your M have a couple of big weeks where she was up late and didn't nap as much? Was that about 2 weeks ago? It could be that she just got a little tired and is having trouble getting over it. Maybe it's a combination of all these things. I'll say big prayers for her and hope she sleeps well soon. Love, E

Stacy said...

The previous suggestions were what I was thinking: molars or fear of dark. Our kids like to have some lights on when they go to sleep at night.

Christina said...

We're going through that here, too...N will be 2 in about a month, and suddenly in the last couple weeks she's having a much harder time going to sleep and staying alseep. She's always been so easy, so it's a challenge! I do think molars are part of the problem for us, but toddler stubbornes plays a role too. Good luck - for both of us!

Golightly said...

We went through that shift at 2 years (molars quite often) and we're going through it again. This week H has been sick and that NEVER helps. Hard to get down for bed time, waking often, early rises. I only have him in school twice a week (by default) and take him home at 1pm because he won't nap at school. Of course, he's tired yet doesn't go down as easy on those days. Too much stimulation, I think.

But he's 2.7 years old now. It's only a matter of time before he forgoes this last nap time. :(

Hope the thesis is going well. Our Favorite Phrase Friday is up!

Laura McIntyre said...

Well we went the other way, around her 2nd birthday my two year old who before that had slept through the night twice started sleeping through every night. Hope things get back to normal to