Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My new toy (?) and a trip to the fair

Wow...I'm using a new photo program (Picasa) to make this cool photo grid! How fun!! Lots of photos, easy to do, more eye candy for my faithful bloggers.

We're trying to establish a birthday ritual with M. The national fair is about 30 minutes away and is in the area from the beginning to middle of October. We really want to celebrate her birthdays by making them as memorable as possible for our family. Last year began the tradition of the fair. We enjoyed it much more than she did last year, but we were glad we took her. I know you're wondering where the pictures of the rides are, but she's just not into rides. And quite frankly, I'm not into making her miserable by forcing her to ride. She LOVED the petty zoo and had so much fun feeding the animals. She even enjoyed riding a horse after much cajoling from her mother and father. But her favorite part? Eating the corn dog. With nacho cheese. You did know that eating corn dogs and nacho cheese is the new way to enjoy that fair food, right? I, myself, couldn't choke it down that way, but she thought it was pure heaven. Until we gave her a fried oreo. Yep, you got that right. A fried oreo. Another delicacy for another day.

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Kyla said...

I really like Picasa. Very handy!

Cute photos! And fried Oreo? I can't imagine!

Colleen said...

Great shots! I put picasa on our computer... but didn't give it a real try. I'll have to try it again.

I love M's sweater!

Stacy said...

I have done that before and it is a fun way to show your shots. Cute! Great birthday tradition, too! :)

Stacy said...
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Christina said...

What a GREAT birthday tradition! Isn't it fun having a fall baby? So much cool stuff to do this time of year. Looks like a great time, very memorable for sure. We went to the State Fair a cuple days ago, and Nadia was mostly unimpressed...except she went crazy for the food! Corn dog, belgian waffle, cotton candy, she loved it all!
Picasa is a fun program, I love that collage feature! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh how Corndogs are WONDERFUL...great photos....great photos...M is soooooooooo cute!

Arizaphale said...

Fried Oreos??????????What will they think of next?
These are lovely memories and hit a nerve for me as Baby Angel had a very similar fleece (pullover?) at one point. I now feel a need to go find a picture of her in said fleece. So pathetic :-)

Oh, from one teacher to another. I did the first day in a 3 day workshop on fractions and decimals today. SO COOL! I am LOVING this workshop! Who knew fractions could be so engaging???

melody is slurping life said...

She is chowing down on that corn dog! A fun collage. I love the one with the animal eating from her hand. Gosh, she's getting to be a big girl and cute as ever.

kim said...

Looks like so much fun. I have picasa... didn't know it could do that. I'll have to play around with it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Mom...don't YOU know that food is THE most fun thing at the fair?? Aubrey, Meryt and I ALL know that. It's about time you caught on! She's precious and such a big girl!!! I am loving the way she eats her corn dog...the photo collage is really nice. Thanks for sharing such memorable moments.