Friday, October 19, 2007

Phrase Friday

Since every other day has a theme that goes with it, I'm instituting my own theme for Friday: Phrase Friday. I might post a funny phrase I heard at school, something particular to my area, something M says, or maybe not a specific phrase at all.

Feel free to leave a comment and post a phrase of your own either on your blog or in the comments section. I'd love to hear your phrases.

M's phrases that tickle my funny bone right now:

sugar: anything candy-ish.
As in, "I want sugar!"
Or "M, what do you want for dinner tonight?" M: "Yogurt, milk, sugar!"
She knows the word for cookie and ice cream, so I'm assuming sugar is anything else that is sweet.

up: really means down
As in, "Up, mommy!" when I'm holding her and she wants to walk.

Holdyou (all one word): I want you to hold me, please.
This phrase is particularly effective when I'm trying to get her to crawl up the stairs and my hands are full...actually, anytime my hands are full. It seems to divert my attention away from whatever task I'm working on so I pay attention to her. It's just so darn cute that I want to throw everything to the wind and "holdyou" right then!!!

What phrases tickle your funny bones? Make you smile? Are particular to your area? C'mon, folks...share a little.


Kyla said...

The other night, I said, "Time for bed, KayTar." and she replied, "No fank you!" I almost died.

And last night she had stinky feet, and Josh said "Poo-wee! Stinky!" so now she's putting her feet up to everyone's faces and saying "Ooo-wee! TINKY!" LOL!

Christina said...

LOL, I know another blogger that just instituted her own Phrase Friday! how funny.

Those sayings sure are cute. Especially "sugar." :o) For N, everything sweet or crunchy is a cookie.

And she asks for "hugs" rather than to be held. too sweet!

Her thing lately has been saying "wow, cool, look, wow" whenever she sees anything interesting to her little girl mind.
Oh, and calling herself a "good girl" instead of a big girl. :o)

Anonymous said...

I do not have a little one at home, just a big girl now (18 years old-YIKES!) but THE funniest words she ever said as a toddler were the words she said for bunny rabbit. We laughed until we cried each time she said it. My mother had a concrete bunny in the yard by the steps leading to the porch, and two year old Aubrey would go over to the rabbit, hug it, and say, "oooh, DUMMY LABBIT!"
Be sure you are writing or recording M's funny phrases somewhere special...They are priceless!

PRUITT2it said...

Do you like to use "MOUSEWASH"? PCP2 does. She's hilarious.

She also says, "I can't believe YOUR eyes".

PCP1 wants to know why "TOYMITES" eat Popeye's house. That's how Popeye says it, it must be right.

Her favorite place to eat is "Jack's Place" know, where they cook right in front of you....oh yea, "JACKSONESE". LOL and miss you more!

Stacy said...

Oh, love the cute phrases! We get "holdyou" in our house, too...again usually when our hands our full. ;)

Golightly said...

Too funny! That's me! I started a favorite phrase Friday a couple weeks ago... (great minds think alike)
I love her little phrases. I agree, especially "sugar" too much!
See what's been happening on our Favorite Phrase Fridays
Woo-hoo! See you next Friday for your favorite phrase!

melody is slurping life said...

Oh, oh...I always have phrases from the boys. Actually, there have been a few shocking phrases lately. I so want to play.

How funny that you and golightly did the same thing. I'll have to check her out now. :)